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Higher qualifications to succeed in your career!

Real job skills

Kick-start your dream career in 2016 by converting your knowledge, skills and experience to a higher recognised qualification.

Advance career training

In competitive industries, it is important to be recognised for your knowledge and skills. This can be the difference between getting your dream promotion/job, or being overlooked for someone with more qualifications.

Asset Training Australia encourages students to advance to the highest industry qualification to validate their skills and experience in the eyes of prospective employers. We recognise the importance of acquiring industry knowledge and skills to complement and grow your career. Invest in your future with training targeted to your needs and concrete your place as a valuable and irreplaceable asset to any business.

Industry training levels

You can enrol into an enormous range of courses from short courses, Certificates and Diplomas, to Advanced and Graduate Diplomas. Each qualification level takes you a step further towards reaching your goals and will continue to challenge you along the way.

The Graduate Diploma is the highest qualification offered by Asset Training Australia. This qualification level reflects the role of individuals who apply highly specialised skills and knowledge in their practice field. These individuals demonstrate self-directed decisions and apply initiative and judgement to lead in varied contexts. A Graduate Diploma can be used as a stepping-stone or supplement to university level qualifications.

In the vocational education and training (VET) sector, the qualification levels develop as follows:

  1. Certificate I
  2. Certificate II
  3. Certificate III
  4. Certificate IV
  5. Diploma
  6. Advanced Diploma
  7. Graduate Certificate
  8. Graduate Diploma

Upon completing your qualification, Asset Training Australia recommends furthering your study and to begin thinking about how you can continue your learning journey in your chosen field.

Take the next step in your career

Have you completed a qualification with Asset Training Australia and think you’re ready to advance your skills? Achieve a higher qualification in your sector and stand out from the rest. Progress to a higher level with Asset Training Australia today!


For more information on the training programs offered by Asset Training Australia, please contact us online or call 1300 731 602.

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