‘I Couldn’t Get Any Security Jobs Until I Trained With ASSET’

‘I Couldn’t Get Any Security Jobs Until I Trained With ASSET’

Student Success Story: Bashir-Ahmed Ahmed

Bashir-Ahmed Ahmed’s security journey hasn’t been a smooth one. Originally completing his training with another security RTO in 2016, he soon found out that he wasn’t going to get any help with employment from them.

He couldn’t get work and the security training organisation provided no support. This was when he decided to extend his skills into the aviation protection industry in the hopes this would assist him in securing employment. So, he contacted Asset College and the rest is history!

“I did not get any employer referrals until I trained with ASSET. Training with ASSET has literally changed my life. Rebecca White, the Employment Coordinator at ASSET offered tremendous help in employment preparation and links with the industry.”

Bashir-Ahmed spent 34 years in the newspaper industry and arrived in Australia in 2016 from South Africa. He started his employment journey by volunteering for Red Cross for about eight months before finding some limited administration work but this just wasn’t enough.

Although Bashir-Ahmed completed his security training with another RTO, he came to ASSET and successfully completed his aviation protection training alongside a number of short courses that he could add to his resume to increase his employability.

“Following my course, ASSET were amazing offering me complimentary Graduate Employment Services that helped me prepare for interviews and referrals and as a result they referred me to roles with their employer partners!”

Bashir-Ahmed participated in ASSET’s employment support program in full which gave him the best chance of being one of our top referred students and was able to come along to all Employer Connections events.

“I attended the ASSET Employer Connections events and very quickly picked up work with CAP Security initially and subsequently with Trident Security Services.”

Bashir-Ahmed took on any security role that was offered to him and ultimately, this has been the best thing he could have ever done.

“At CAP Security, I have had a number of casual roles across concerts and events at Suncorp Stadium and then joined Trident in December 2019 as a result of a special ASSET/Trident Security Services employment event.”

He is now working with Trident across varied retail roles including at Riverlink, Sunnybank, Capalaba, Mt Gravatt and Wynnum shopping centres. He’s currently working up to 40 hours per week and is on the path to moving to permanent full time work after successfully completing job-specific training with his employer.

“I find Trident so professional and love my job. My original goal after contacting ASSET was work at the airport in aviation screening but wanted to get retail and event experience in advance before applying. However, I’ve now learnt so much as a result of Asset College’s support and am now really enjoying my role with Trident and look forward to a long career with them!”

Bashir-Ahmed’s employment success story is not rare for graduates at ASSET! Find out more about how you can have a career in security too by attending one of our Free Information Sessions.

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