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Get The Edge Over Competitors With These Important Work Skills

important work skills
important work skills

Get The Edge Over Competitors With These Important Work Skills

Whether you’re a school leaver, a university graduate or you’ve been in your industry for years, we could all use a competitive edge.

With the turbulence of the last year, there has never been a more important time to upskill and according to the career experts these are the most important work skills to focus on in 2021.

In an article for Business Insider Kelly Van Nelson, Managing Director of Adecco Australia attributed unstable work environments to skill-loss and warned against the rigid mind set of seeing a completed degree as your ticket to a ‘forever job’.

“The era of life-long jobs is coming to an end and the pace of change is getting faster with roles disappearing while new ones are created overnight.

“The best line of defence you can have for your career is to ensure you’re constantly upskilling and moving away from the misconception that once you’ve completed your degree in your early 20’s, you’ve “arrived” at your destination.”

Upskilling changes from industry to industry but Van Nelson told Business Insider there are some skills that transcendent industries such as soft skills, agility and resilience.  

“Today’s workforce is everchanging and chances are the role you’re hired for will likely evolve over the coming months and years. Candidates who have a proven ability to upskill, reskill and stay agile will be seen favourably by hiring managers. Across industries, Hiring Managers are always looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work to deadlines,”

Van Nelson believes the global pandemic has highlighted the need for employees to remain agile, resilient, and adaptable in this everchanging work environment.

“Now more than ever, candidates across all industries must show resilience. Resilient people can generally manage stress and conflict more effectively.”

But how can you demonstrate the most important work skills for 2021 and add value to your CV, Van Nelson says it comes down to education and versatility.

“Employees and job seekers should feel empowered to take time to self-educate and upskill in areas they may not have needed to before, to round out their skillset and get a competitive advantage over their peers.”

Looking for something to upskill but not sure where to start?  

Show off your versatility and get a leg up on the competition with a qualification in Leadership and Management. Regardless of your field these courses give you the skills to take charge in the workplace. Whether you’re chasing a promotion or just want to showcase your potential, a qualification in Leadership and Management is always a good choice.

In an ever-evolving workplace, communication skills have become highly coveted in all fields. Thinking outside the box and creative problem-solving are useful tools for every industry and showing you can diversify your skillset with a qualification in Marketing and Communications can give you a competitive edge.

If you’re always finding that you need documents witnessed at work becoming a Justice of the Peace is a valuable skill to add to your resume and as a added bonus it is a prestigious position to hold in your community.

If you’re not sure how to best upskill for your industry send us an enquiry and we can help you work out which course will be the most valuable for your career moving forward.

Because as Van Nelson says “With every new skill, you have the potential to reinvent your role, your career and yourself.”

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