Increase Christmas Sales For Your Small Business

increase christmas sales

Increase Christmas Sales For Your Small Business

Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest time of the year for the sales figures for small business right across Australia. During this time customers are looking to spend their hard-earned cash on gifts to show others just how much they appreciate them – and this means, more business for you.

But how do you increase your Christmas sales as a small business?

The answer of course is to get more customers. But how?

Have A Sale

This seems like a no-brainer right? But having a sale, especially for small businesses must be really well thought-out with optimal revenue making activities at top of mind.

  • Offer one big bargain a day to promote exclusivity of your sale
  • Make it a discount, not a thing. Sometimes people don’t want or need the extra ‘thing’ you are offering them as an addition to your product. Just stick with a discount.
  • Make sure your discount is worthwhile. Unfortunately, you won’t get much traction if you can only offer a 5% discount.

Once you’ve decided on you sale, advertise heavily across your social media channels.

Get Involved

Hopefully you’re not the Christmas grinch but the best way to get more customers into your store – is to attract them there. Give them a reason outside of just viewing your products to engage with you.

Christmas is the best time to create an experience for your customers that is teeming with Christmas spirit. Set up a model train set or have a talking Santa right inside your shop that entices people to come in and see it – especially when it relates to kids!

They might not have thought about browsing your store – but now they’re in and that’s the first half of the battle.

Consider Offering Delivery

Do you have a product that generally only sells from your shop front? Consider offering delivery during the Christmas period where people are most time-poor and some even avoids the shops altogether!

Sweeten the deal with free delivery, within reason of course, if your budget allows for it!

Free Gift Wrapping

Similar to the delivery idea, offering free gift wrapping is a hit during Christmas time. Mums & Dads have so many gifts to wrap at Christmas, taking that one small task away from them can be a lifesaver and a real incentive to purchase your product (or two or three)!

There are so many simple ways that you can make the most of the Christmas season for your small business. If you’re a service business, think about how these ideas might be tweaked to apply to you.

What can you offer your clients or potential customers to stay top of mind this silly season?

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