5 Interview Questions & Answers To Prepare For A Project Manager Job

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5 Interview Questions & Answers To Prepare For A Project Manager Job

Sometimes you can prepare for an interview all night before the big day, and the interviewer doesn’t ask you about anything you prepared. Although traditional recruitment techniques are changing and it is very much about how a candidate will fit into the company’s culture – there are still some interview questions Project Managers you are bound to be asked.

  1. What was the biggest or most challenging project you managed?
    Make sure you come prepared with an answer for this question as it is certainly the most likely one to be asked. Think about how many people were involved in the project, what was the budget, what was the timeline, what went wrong and how did you fix it? Ultimately, how were you integral in ensuring the project was a success!
  2. How would you communicate a failure to your team, manager or client?
    The biggest tip here is to focus on the positives and your communication skills. Yes, your team may have failed but what can you learn as a manager from the failure and what steps did you take to rectify the problem? This is what the interviewer really wants to hear!
  3. What projects do you not want to work on?
    The reality of this question is that not everyone is interested in, or suited to managing all types of projects. There is no point in saying you want to work on everything because at the end of the day if you’re interested in what you’re doing the results will speak for themselves. Be honest.
  4. Are you familiar with project management software?
    This question may scare some of the more seasoned Project Managers who ‘back in the day’ used nothing but a notepad and pen to organise and successfully complete large projects but the reality is that technology is a necessary addition to your arsenal when applying for one of these roles. The millennials on your team are likely to be familiar with software and this is how they work best, so be sure you’ve at least explored what the popular applications are if you’ve never used any before!
  5. If you were to pick one skill for a project manager to have, what would it be and why?
    This question basically just establishes what you think your strength is – you are naturally going to pick a skill that you possess and know you have conquered. So be honest here too. It is likely that the skill that you pick has been the one that has allowed you to be so successful in the past. So explain this to the interviewer.

Being prepared for an interview is always important – regardless of your previous experience in project management. Asset College has helped graduates across all of our courses prepare for life in the workforce within many different industries.

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