Is ASSET the same as TAFE?

wondering if asset college is the same as TAFE

Is ASSET the same as TAFE?

Well, same same, but different.

[Updated 20th of March, 2023]

We get asked this question often – is ASSET the same as TAFE?   

Prospective students and clients looking to find the right training provider to suit their needs are often wondering what the differences are between us and the Technical and Further Education Institutes or TAFE Institutes. We thought we’d explain how ASSET is different, but still the same as TAFE to assist you in making the right choice for your future training needs. 

Both Asset College and TAFE offer VET courses (vocational education and training courses). The main difference to note is that ASSET is a private registered training organisation. TAFE is a government-owned provider. 

VET Courses 

In Australia, all recognised education falls into a hierarchy called the Australian Qualification Framework. This framework governs all Australian qualifications from secondary school all the way to doctorate degrees.  

VET courses are the type of training offered by both TAFE and Asset College. VET qualifications range from Certificate I-IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. These qualifications are ranked on the framework above a High School level but below a bachelor’s degree level.

VET courses can also include some post-graduate study ie. courses you can only do if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher or have extensive work experience in your field. These are called Graduate Certificates or Graduate Diplomas. 

Courses available 

You will find that Asset College and TAFE have a lot in common when it comes to the courses available to you to study.

ASSET has over 50 qualifications available ranging from short courses right up to Graduate Diploma level courses.

Depending on the campus location, TAFE can deliver most of the qualifications that ASSET does. However, ASSET has specialist knowledge in delivering certain training areas and offers some unique qualifications not offered by the public provider.

Since 2006, ASSET has been specialising in training for the security industry. Throughout this time, we have built a standout reputation amongst security industry employers and associations and our graduates have a big advantage in this space. We offer unique support programs that other RTO’s don’t or can’t offer. 


Because TAFE is a large government owned institution, most campuses are teeming with students of all different disciplines studying together. The atmosphere can be bustling and intimidating, and many students might not feel that they are receiving the specialised and individual attention that they may require in their studies.  

At ASSET we maintain small class sizes to allow our trainers the time and space to work one on one with their students to provide the best possible training experience.  


At ASSET, course fees are decided based on the costs required to deliver qualifications for different delivery methods. Our prices sit within current market prices but most of our courses are less than TAFE.

ASSET can deliver most qualifications through face-to-face, online, correspondence, mixed mode and Recognition of Prior Learning methods. 

Asset College is also able to offer government-funded courses in some states. Due to our employer connections, we are also able to offer students employer-funded programs for specific career outcomes. This helps students not only cover the cost of the studying but also find a direct pathway into employment.  

Employment Support  

At ASSET we have spent years cultivating relationships in the security industry as a specialist training provider. We offer several unique support programs for our students.  

We run a scholarship program with one of the largest employers, MSS Security that sets students up with a job following their training. We also have the Certis Aviation Funded Training Program that can help students start a career in aviation security.  

For those students who simply take their security courses with us, we have our employer connections program. This program, which is free for ASSET graduates, helps them to get their start in the security industry.

In the program our experienced team offer specialised pre-employment support, with resume help and interview tips. Our pre-screened students are then offered referral opportunities, access to employer connection events and group interviews for some of the largest security companies in Australia.  

Office Locations 

ASSET is very similar to TAFE in that we have many campuses across Australia. Where there is a TAFE, you will most likely find an ASSET office somewhere close by too.

If there is not an ASSET-branded office, there will be a training partner with whom we have teamed up to deliver the same quality courses. We want to be as accessible as possible to you! 

Last but certainly not least, ASSET wins national awards just like TAFE does! 2020 saw us take out the top spot for QLD Large Training Provider of the Year. We were also finalists against TAFE in 2021 and 2022.

In deciding which pathway to choose, just do your research and speak to people in the industry about what provider may be able to offer you the best possible chance of gaining employment. Because after all, vocational education and training is just that! Training for your vocation. 

For more information about how ASSET can help you decide on the right provider for you, call us on 1300 731 602 or submit an enquiry online. 

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