Is Security a Good Job? Learn more about the industry with something for everyone!

is security a good job

Is Security a Good Job? Learn more about the industry with something for everyone!  

Ready for a career change and wondering if security is the right move for you?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Security jobs are future proof 

In a world where a lot of service jobs are becoming automated, industries are crumbling under digital disruption and people are being made redundant at the drop of a hat, security remains a solid industry.

The need for guards is constant and due to the nature of the role where guards require both excellent communication skills and superior observation skills it’s a job that can not be automated.

security guard employment statistics

Source: National Industry Insights

Variety is the Spice of life 

You might be asking yourself is Security a good job?

While that might seem like a difficult question to answer, the great thing about the industry is that roles are as varied as the expectations you have for them.

Security can be anything from sitting in a control room monitoring the security camera system to manning the concierge at a swanky hotel. The security industry has something for everyone.

Opportunities for Promotion are abundant

In security everyone starts at the same level but where you go from there is up to you.

It’s an industry that affords everyone a fair go, show you’re keen by taking extra shifts and putting your hand up for opportunities and the path to promotion will open up to you.

At ASSET, we care about helping our graduates achieve their goals in the industry, many of our previous students have glowing things to say about their new careers.

“Security is a very enjoyable role as you get to interact with people and make sure they are having a great time at events. More importantly, you are making sure they are staying safe while having fun.” Tommy Hua Tran who is studying at QUT to be a paramedic was looking for a job that would afford him a bit of flexibility with his studies. After completing our Certificate II in Security Operations Tommy used the employer connections program to fine tune his resume and interview skills and was offered a job at Asset Protection. You can read more about Tommy’s experience here.

Ashleigh McCulloch previously worked as graphic designer but moved into security after being made redundant and she has been enjoying the work “Throughout this time I gained a lot of confidence with handling difficult/confrontational situations, communicating with clients, and providing a friendly approach with patrons and government staff.” You can check out Ashleigh’s story here.

Leanne was ready for a change and found it in security. “The guards that I work with have been fabulous. The whole company is very supportive and are willing to support me, knowing that I am green!”

Leanne says security is a good job and anyone considering a career in security should just give it a shot.

“Oh wow, you don’t know what it is like until you try it! There is so much more to security than meets the eye. If you can effectively communicate you always have something to offer in the security industry!” Read all about Leanne’s experience here.

Grant Perkins, recent ASSET graduate was concerned that his age might be an issue but was pleasantly surprised when this wasn’t the case. “Well first thing I would say is it is probably one industry that does not discriminate based on age. In fact, it is a positive to be more mature! I feel very fortunate to get a job with DAVKI. I have training this week for my Concierge role and that is going to be very interesting.” You can find more about Grant’s story here.

Terri-Ann Bowden went from stay at home mum to DIDO Security Officer working 7 days on 7 days off and she couldn’t be happier with her new role “I am really enjoying the experience and the confidence I am gaining in my first security job!” See what Terri-Ann has to say about making the move here.

If you’re thinking about moving into this exciting industry you can join one of our free information sessions on the security careers or contact us with any questions about the requirements.

Security is also a very flexible industry. Read more about finding flexible jobs with no experience.

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