Asset College’s Management System Has Been Certified To ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Asset College’s Management System Has Been Certified To ISO 45001

It is with great satisfaction that Asset College are now able to announce that we have also achieved ISO 45001 certification.

This is the third certification we have achieved in the last 24 months starting with ISO 9001, then ISO 14001 and now 45001! We have a continuing drive to ensure quality, sustainability and the highest standards of work health and safety in our business.

What is ISO 45001?

Every day, thousands of lives are lost due to work accidents or fatal diseases linked to work activities. These are deaths that could and should have been prevented, and must be in the future.

An OHS management system promotes a healthy working environment by providing a framework to identify, control and manage OHS risks and opportunities.

Adopting and implementing an effective OHS management system (OHSMS) addresses legal, ethical and industrial relation concerns regarding worker safety and employers’ duty of care.

Implementing an OHSMS compliant to ISO 45001:2018 addresses these concerns through its leadership-lead approach, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment and it’s focus on continual improvement. SAI GLOBAL

What does this mean for Asset College?

For Asset College as business, being a certified ISO 45001 organisation means that we are actively contributing to reducing the number of work accidents reported worldwide. With this quality approach, we are not only able to meet compliance requirements but demonstrate our overall commitment to OHS improvement and reduce operational downtime.

We believe that organisations who are leading the way in work health and safety practices will outlive businesses that are not.

With certification, Asset College is further able to protect the health and safety of our employees, our students, visitors and all stakeholders who come into contact with us. We become more structured in our approach to safety and we do so because the safety of people is of the utmost importance.

What does this mean for Asset College students?

With this certification, you can be confident in our commitment to both your physical and mental health and safety while studying with us. You can trust that Asset College has the systems and processes in place that give you as a student, the peace of mind that you are enrolling with a college that cares about you.

This certification showcases Asset College’s commitment to taking proactive steps to minimise safety risks. That we are able to deliver on your expecations of a safe and productive environment, so you are even more confident that Asset College is the best choice for your vocational education and training needs.

Studying with Asset College means that you are studying with a college committed to continuous improvement. Not all RTO’s management systems are certified to ISO 45001 – but we are! You can proudly promote that you were trained by a college that cares about eliminating hazards and minimising risks, and that you were apart of that commitment.

Are you looking for an organisation that is committed to safety? Don’t just read about what Asset College can offer you, experience it today. Make contact with one of our team members to discuss your organisations training requirements or your individual training needs.

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