Asset College’s Management System Has Been Certified To ISO 9001

Asset College’s Management System Has Been Certified To ISO 9001

It is with immense pride that Asset College are able to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001 certification.

The college operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of vocational education and training and the design and development of nationally accredited qualifications and short courses.

What is ISO 9001?

“As the benchmark management system standard for over 30 years, ISO 9001 applies to all industries, regardless of size. ISO 9001 aligns an organisation’s performance and strategic direction through a holistic, process-based approach to global best practice.

Certification to ISO 9001 demonstrates commitment to quality outcomes across all aspects of the organisation. ISO 9001 defines a quality management system, drawing on the Plan-Do-Act-Check model (PDCA) and risk-based thinking to create a framework for organisational improvement.” SAI GLOBAL

What does this mean for Asset College?

For Asset College as business, being a certified ISO 9001 organisation opens up many possibilities and opportunities for growth in the organisation. Asset College has been around since 2006, continually improving upon our processes and procedures which have led to the development of a quality management system that now meets the ISO 9001 standards.

With certification, Asset College is more competitive, more compliant, performing to the highest standards and are able to deliver high-quality experiences to our stakeholders.

What does this mean for Asset College students?

With this certification, you can be confident in our operational standards. You can trust that Asset College has the systems and processes in place to meet compliance requirements and continue to be a high-performing RTO in a very competitive market.

This certification showcases Asset College’s commitment to putting our customers first. That we are able to deliver on your expecations, so you are even more confident that Asset College is the best choice for your vocational education and training needs.

Studying with Asset College means that you are studying with a college with a difference. Not all RTO’s management systems are certified to ISO 9001 – but we are! You can proudly promote that you were trained by a college that meets these exceptionally high standards.

It means that our operations never remain stagnant and neither does the service we provide to you. Through this certification we have a commitment to continuous improvement in our business, which we pass onto you through the latest and most innovative training products, of the highest quality.

Our certified quality management system is customer-centric. It focuses on you, your experiences and how we can continue to add value to those experiences to provide you with the best possible outcomes in training.

Don’t just read about what Asset College can offer you, experience it today. Make contact with one of our team members to discuss your organisations training requirements or your individual training needs.

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