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What is the difference between face to face and online JP courses?

The main difference between face to face and online Justice of the Peace courses is that in the face to face course you have more access to your trainer. The trainer will run through the duties of a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) in the class. You will also get a chance to practice certifying copies and witnessing signatures and complete your practical assessment in class.

If you choose to complete the online Justice of the Peace course you will have access to your trainer via email in the first instance. You must also complete the practical activities from home and will need access to a printer and a scanner. You will have access to video resources to explain the duties of a Justice of the Peace (Qualified).

Do I need a printer to complete the JP course online?

You will need a printer for your practical assessments in the online JP course.

You will also need the ability to scan your completed documents and upload them into the online portal. If you don’t have a scanner, you can download the Genuis Scan app on your smart phone and email yourself the documents for upload.

Is there a time limit to complete the JP assessments?

When you begin working on your JP assessments, you can complete a couple of questions and then save and exit and return at a later time. The assessments are not timed and you do not need to complete them in one sitting.

You have up to 3 months to complete your JP course in full and it is recommended you submit your first attempt within 28 days of enrolment.

Can I ask my trainer questions if I am studying the Justice of the Peace course online?

You can email your trainer with questions and they will be able to advise where you might be able to find the answers in the JP Handbook. It is advised that you complete the entire JP learning materials prior to starting your assessments or asking questions as most of your questions will be answered in the learning materials.

If you require further assistance, you can request a time with your trainer to chat on the phone or through zoom also. If you think you are more of a face to face or classroom style learner, then we recommend booking into a face to face course.

How are the Justice of the Peace course assessments completed?

The Justice of the Peace course requires students to complete 3 assessments. One is a multiple choice online quiz, the second is a written assessment which requires short answer questions and the final is the practical assessment where you demonstrate your ability to certify copy and witness signatures.

If you book a face to face course, you will complete the practical assessments in class but then will be required to complete the online and written assessments from home after your face to face course.

If you book an online only Justice of the Peace course then you will complete all assessments from home. We recommend starting with the online quiz first, then moving to the written assessments and finally completing the practical.

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