ASSET JP’S in the Community

jps in the community

ASSET JP’S in the Community

At Asset College, we pride ourselves on the impact that our graduates make in the community. Whether it be as a Security Officer, a First Aider or as a high-level Manager in one of the many companies that help to build our economy.

Nothing makes us more proud than our graduates who dedicate their time to service of their community, absolutely free. That’s exactly what recent JP graduates Carol & Jacqui do every single day as Justices of the Peace (Qualified).

A voluntary role is not exactly something everyone wants, but Carol and Jacqui have taken it upon themselves to up-skill and offer this very valuable service in their businesses and in the wider community.

Introducing Carol Woodward…

Carol has only been a JP for a short period of time but she always knew that it would be something she ventured into sooner or later!

‘I enjoy helping people. I am retired now after a successful career in HR, international recruitment and hospital management. I have undertaken many volunteer roles previously including Gold Coast Homeless Shelter, Gold Coast Volunteering Centre and at many sporting events’.

Carol undertook our face to face Justice of the Peace workshop to make sure that she got the most out of the training experience!

‘Our training workshop was wonderful – the tutor made the course easy to understand and the participation by others increased your learning capacity. I have heard of others who have attempted completing a JP course online and given up – so I highly recommend the JP course via a workshop that I attended’.

When we discussed the types of people who make good JP’s, Carol says it is those with life experience, kindness of heart and patience. That’s because when you are performing your duties as a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) you will encounter people from many different walks of life, all with their own stories and individual requirements.

‘It’s personally rewarding knowing you can help someone with a personal family matter or something like migration documents. You get to meet so many people each with their own story. We all need something notarized in our life and the free JP services take the stress away for many people.’

While becoming a JP might seem like a daunting task, Carol says to give it a shot!

‘Please don’t think you have to be super intelligent to become a JP because you don’t.  I personally never excelled at school but with drive and commitment it’s possible to achieve the goals you set yourself’.

Carol will soon be joining the JP team at her local shopping centre!

Introducing Jacqui Wright….

Just like Carol, Jacqui has been a JP for just a short amount of time but during this period she has been involved in many of the diverse responsibilities bestowed upon a Justice of the Peace!

Jacqui decided to become a JP to assist with helping families and fellow staff in the funeral home that she works for on the Sunshine Coast. She had been wanting to become a JP for a long time but was not an Australian citizen until just recently!

Jacqui says that having good communication and people skills makes for an ideal JP.

‘An eye for detail and literacy skills are essential. But it is just as important to have the will to help people when you are approached and asked for assistance. Someone who is reliable, trustworthy and presents well definitely makes a good JP’.

As most JP’s know, the public are very diverse with many differing needs and demands. It’s how you deal with those diverse needs that really counts.

‘Identifying the needs of the person or people you are assisting is important. You need to know how to handle all types of situations as being a JP can actually be stressful and depending on the people you are dealing with it can be intimidating too. New JP’s need to make sure they maintain confidence’.

As a tip for this Jacqui says that she keeps the JP Handbook and appropriate documents at hand always and if she has any doubts about what she has been asked to do she will always refer to them or contact the Justice of the Peace branch for further guidance.

For those who still haven’t taken the leap to becoming appointed as a JP yet, Jacqui says, ‘The JP face to face workshop with Asset College is great. Learning with a group from a professional trainer over 2 days and working through the assessments together made the course engaging and at times entertaining! I highly recommend it.’

Do you want to join Jacqui and Carol as JP’s in the community?

Find out more about external study or one of our ‘engaging and entertaining’ face to face workshops now.

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