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Just a Trainer?


Just a Trainer?

Written by Craig Tyson

My name’s Craig. I’m a Security and Firearms Instructor with Asset College. This is the standard introduction for many of us at functions or when asked what we do, right? Well that’s what it says in the ‘Position Description’ on my Employment Agreement, Trainer/Assessor.

The ‘Position Objectives’ read “To provide effective training and assessment services to the………..”

You might also have a clause hidden there somewhere “and any other duties at the Managing Directors discretion”. (Be careful of this one). It’s very clear what I must do. No mention of anything else train and assess.

But what else do we do? What other responsibilities do you have to your trainees in your dream role as a Trainer/Assessor that are not listed on your Employment Agreement? Yes ‘responsibilities’ or even Duty of Care.

You’re a:- Coach, Mentor, Confidant, Counsellor, Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator, Padre, Shoulder to cry on, Father/mother, Cleaner, Philosopher, Comic, HR manager, Career guidance officer just to name a few. You sometimes must call it as you see it and sometimes sugar coat it to please. You sometimes are the bad guy or the barer of bad news.

These ‘added’ hats these ‘added’ responsibilities you will need to put on at some stage in your career and in most cases, all at once and only when you least expect it. These are the things that are not taught to you on your Cert IV TAE.

Nothing on your Cert IV TAE prepares you to be able to handle a trainee’s response, when you ask them why that were late for the class and they break down in tears and say they had to take their wife to the hospital last night because she had a miscarriage. Then you must be able to counsel and compose yourself to be able to go straight back into class and carry on as if nothing has happened.

The job just isn’t as easy as picking up the clicker for the power point presentation. Trainers help to shape the future careers and even lives of their trainees not only during the course, but as they move into their chosen workforce too.