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Keeping up with Craig Tyson

keeping up with craig tyson

Keeping up with Craig Tyson

In the last 12 months, Craig has worked in the security industry as an Unarmed Security Officer, a Crowd Controller AND a Bodyguard. He did all this while working full time at Asset College, raising 4 kids, keeping up with his Aikido and his own small business! Craig can be seen at venues in the city and valley as well as being called in for special requests in close personal protection for sporting stars and celebrities.

Craig believes strongly in the benefits of networking. Not just for the business but for his own professional development as well. Since working at Asset College, Craig has become an integral member of Defence in Business on the committee and ASIS Australia. Defence in Business assists ex-defence personnel in transitioning to civilian life and ASIS is an organisation whose members are made up of security managers and advisors, globally.

In Craig’s little spare time, he practices and teaches Aikido in Brighton and has participated in one on one tutelage with an Aikido Master. He attends seminars lead by Sensei’s year after year and is a strong advocate for teaching self-defence skills to others.

When time permits, Craig assists our North Lakes Security Trainer James in his defensive tactics and batons and handcuffs training so they can share ideas and new ways of delivering quality training to our students.

Craig is our sole aviation trainer and regularly participates in professional development by visiting the Brisbane Airport screening points thanks to our partners at ISS. Craig gets raving reviews from students in both his aviation and security courses particularly in the way he can apply his real-life experience, skills and examples to his course delivery.

Have you trained with Craig before and think he’s awesome? Leave him a review on our Facebook page. If you haven’t and he sounds like the kind of person you want to learn from, contact us today to start your career in security.