Make Sure You Wear A Nice 2 Piece Suit!

Kent Tuigamala’s Security Career Success Story

I relocated from Adelaide to the Gold Coast to start new life, find a new career and experience a new environment.

I’m in love with the Queensland weather all year round plus my love of swimming in fresh seawater!

My last profession before I left Adelaide was as an automotive technician for Mercedes-Benz and when I arrived in Queensland I kind of lost my passion for the automotive industry.

I then moved to Brisbane just over 2 years ago in search of employment and after A LOT of research I was invited to one of the Asset College security career information sessions. That’s when I found out what the security industry offers. There was a lot of very different job opportunities and from that moment my mind was made up – this was now my new security career.

Before that day, my only memories of security guards were as bouncers removing disorderly people from pubs and clubs!

So I started my training in Logan with Matthew Wall but also trained at nearly all of the other ASSET offices including Gold Coast with Lee, Spring Hill with Lynn and North Lakes with James!

After I successfully attained all of my training and certificates, I attended Mike’s Pre-Screening For Employment session. It was a full on 3 hours of information and from that day I spent 2 weeks fine tuning my resume and cover letter.

I then received an email from Asset College explaining they had an employer looking for casual guards for the weekend, so I applied. Within 5 minutes my phone rang and they offered me an interview!

On the day of the interview I was offered a job straight away and went into my induction training and I was ready to start my new career on the weekend! They even said they might have some weekday work for me too!

This is my first application that I forwarded to an employer and within 5 minutes of speaking to them I was 99% sure that I had got the job.

Many thanks to Mike Addicott for the 3 hour job screening session because that really made me understand what employers want and what they expected and all I can say is ‘Hell Yeah! Wear a nice two piece suit people!’.

Mike was right. Your first impression is very important and your resume and cover letter is way, way more important than you think.

Thank you Asset College. You will always be my number 1 training organisation here in Queensland & Australia!

Thank you to Kent for allowing us to share his story.

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