Why Kiwis should come and study in Australia

why kiwis should come and study in australia

Why Kiwis should come and study in Australia

Australia and New Zealand have always had a good relationship, except for when it comes to rivalry in sport. But in terms of governments, the relationship between Kiwis and Aussies is better than with any other country. This relationship means that Kiwis have amazing access to the same opportunities that Aussies do in regards to studying qualifications in VET and in turn getting sustainable employment in Australia.

What you can study

Under the Certificate 3 Guarantee funding in Queensland, Kiwis have access to a range of Certificate III qualifications that will allow them to study either online or via face to face modes at a number of registered training organisations. At Asset College, Kiwis can apply for funding for courses in business, customer engagement, outdoor recreation, investigative services and security operations. These qualifications allow Kiwis the ability to get their foot in the door in the highly competitive Australian employment market.

How you can do it

Studying in Australia is easy and there are many support options available at Asset College to help Kiwis get the qualifications they need for a job they want. If you’re a New Zealand citizen living in QLD and have not completed a Certificate III or above qualification before, you may be eligible for government funding and therefore should look into applying. You can do so here.

How you can pay for it

Under the Certificate 3 Guarantee for eligible participants, Kiwis will pay a small co-contribution fee towards the cost of their course. This is anywhere between $12 – $50 depending on the qualification chosen which is a big difference from the fee for service charges for Certificate III qualifications. This program is designed to assist unskilled workers to receive the training they need to enter the workforce and with the support from Asset College, we’ll help you do just that. Don’t worry if you’re not eligible, there are options for you too!

There are a number of reasons why Kiwis should come and study in Australia and especially in QLD since it is the best state anyway.

Contact Asset College today to discuss the many options available to you.

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