Licensed Security Guard Training

Have you ever dreamed of being a security professional protecting people and property, controlling the crowd at an event or otherwise being caught up in the action? Would you like to learn about an exciting area of Security Operations from expert instructors and become comfortable handling and shooting a firearm?

Security Guard Training

At Asset College, the Certificate II in Security Operations covers all the training and education to prepare you to begin your career working in shopping centres, retail loss prevention, power stations, corporate security, building sites and patrols.

Asset College also includes the Crowd Control units to allow you to add Crowd Controller as a function to your Security Officer License, along with First Aid.

The course teaches you to communicate effectively in the security industry, follow safe work practices in the security industry, work efficiently, respond to a security risk situation, work as part of a security team, provide security services to clients, and to apply first aid. Everything you need to know for your first day on the job as a security guard!

You will also learn the proper ways to control access to and exit from the premises, monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour, operate basic security equipment, patrol premises and protect yourself and others using basic defensive techniques. The course will also teach you various aspects of crowd control.

Once you have taken the security guard course, you may then decide that many other aspects of Security Operations interest you. Asset College has a variety of advanced programs that will further your training in a variety of interesting and specialised areas.

Additional Security Guard Training

Taking the security guard course is just the beginning of your security education. You can then get more advanced security guard training to gain qualifications as an armed security guard or bodyguard.

As you can see Asset College offers many paths and options for you to pursue your interest in Security. The first step is to contact us to enrol in the Certificate II in Security Operations Course. You can then discuss your ultimate goals and start securing your future in a career in security.

Want to Learn About Security and Risk Management?

Asset College also offers training and education in the field of Security and Risk Management. We offer programs that are taught by experienced security and risk management professionals. These programs focus on the knowledge and experience related to security supervisors, security risk coordinators, trainers, consultants, etc. If you want training related to advising on security needs, coordinating, and developing and implementing security plans, this is the path for you!

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