Getting in the game as a Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Getting in the game as a Marketing Coordinator 

The field of marketing and communications has grown and evolved with the rapid changes in technology and it looks set to experience modest growth over the next few years with an estimated 9% projected growth by 2024.

There’s a call for all kinds of roles in marketing, from SEO Specialists to Social Media Managers but the best way to ensure longevity in the field is to be a competent, jack of all trades, Marketing Coordinator.

While trends in the industry will continue to rise and fall (I mean, Snapchat right? What a flash in a pan) the skills of a qualified Marketing Coordinator will always be useful.

What do Marketing Coordinators do?

A Marketing Coordinator is responsible for organising the marketing efforts of an organisation. This can range from writing and putting together eDMs to social media management, blog posts, SEO management for the website, designing advertising campaigns, generating leads for the business and generally assisting with the look and voice of the company.

Marketing is a challenging and rewarding industry with endless opportunities for further growth and development. This area is best suited to individuals who possess the following traits.


Communication is key for marketing professionals; their whole job is about communicating.

Not only do they deal with clients and management but they have to be able to communicate the organisation’s message and target the desired audience.

Exceptional writing and verbal communication skills are necessary skill for all Marketing Coordinators.


Marketing is not a one man show, this is the kind of job where you work in tandem with multiple different departments to achieve larger goals for the company.

Being able to work effectively in a team and collaborate will result in stronger campaigns that yield better results.

Attention to Detail

In marketing you’ll need a keen eye and an inquisitive nature to excel.

Many marketers regularly undertake market research and data analysis to report on their activities and to inform the decisions for the next campaigns.

What can I study to become a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing is a fast-paced field but you’ll be ready to beat the competition with our Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications.

This self-paced online course can be studied in your own time affording you the flexibility to achieve your higher education goals while you work.

The course covers everything you’ll need to know about the field from developing a marketing plan to designing and implementing marketing campaigns to researching and analysing the market.

The course will also help you fine tune your existing skills and teach you to work smarter, not harder with units on applying digital solutions to your work processes, applying marketing information across a convergent industry and designing direct response offers.

The program includes trainers who have relevant and current real-world experience in the marketing industry which gives our graduates an edge over others in the field.

To learn more about getting into marketing and how ASSET can help you achieve your career and study goals contact one of our helpful course advisors.

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