Marketing Jobs of the Future

marketing jobs of the future

Marketing is an extremely fast-paced industry. Marketers are required to keep their knowledge of new platforms and the changing landscape of their customers needs current in order to stay ahead of the pack. What this means for those entering the industry or trying to keep their foothold in their current roles is that future planning is becoming only more important. Get ready for marketing jobs of the future now…

Here are just 2 of the marketing jobs of the future that you should be preparing for.

Data analyst

Reporting and analysing the copious amounts of data that surround marketing and communications efforts in organisations is the number one struggle for marketers. In the future, ensuring that marketing campaigns are providing a return on investment for businesses, especially in the digital space will be top priority. This is where you will see the emergence of many data analysis positions in marketing departments.

To ensure you are gaining the skills you need to take on these roles, participate in professional development training that involves interpreting market developments and trends, market research, auditing and monitoring marketing activities. All of which can be studied in our Diploma of Marketing & Communications.

Experience Officer

Target market research and developing customer experiences that are personable, creative and generate buzz amongst customers will be paramount in future marketing roles. It is likely we will see the emergence of Experience Officer roles whose predominate job will involve understanding the needs and wants of customers and delivering on those experiences.

Clients will expect nothing less than a thrilling experience both in service and product-based businesses. Marketers who want to expand their knowledge in this area should be focusing on upskilling in areas of customer service, including developing and applying implementation strategies and finding new ways to communicate product and service information.

These are just two insights into what the future holds for marketing and communications professionals. Vocational education and training will be the predominant driver, offering the skills for future work prospects as they unfold. Watch as these changes unfold on Seek and other reputable job search sites.

Why not start today? Contact one of our Career Advisors to find out about our Certificate IV and Diploma in Marketing & Communications courses that will prepare you for the future.

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