Marketing RPL: Are you a marketer with all the experience but no qualifications?

marketing RPL

Here’s What You Can Get….

As a seasoned Marketing Professional, it is likely that you will have completed many non-accredited training programs during your career. These can range from online tutorials, professional development days or attending seminars during work hours.

Did you know that these activities can be used in conjunction with your current work experience to form evidence for a nationally recognised qualification?

It is hard to find the time for further study, especially as a Marketer but you can gain recognition for your existing skills and experience. There are qualifications available for almost all levels of Marketers – take a look and see where you might fit!

Certificate IV in Marketing & Communication

At this level you are likely to have some autonomy over your own work and you may supervise a couple of junior staff members. However, if you are working as a freelancer or contractor you may also be eligible for this qualification as it is likely you are developing and implementing campaigns for your clients without the assistance of others. This is great for marketers with approximately 3 years’ experience.

Diploma of Marketing & Communication

At the Diploma level, as a Marketer it is expected that you will have some kind of managerial title or that you would be reporting to a Senior Director or Chief Operating Officer. You will be developing the ideas for marketing plans in conjunction with other departments or stakeholders and directing other staff members on how to implement these plans. It is likely that you will also be required to report on outcomes of your marketing activities, ensuring a return on investment for your organisations budget.

Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Communication

Marketers at the Advanced Diploma level will be responsible for the complete design of marketing programs from the ground up – frequently without assistance from others until the final stages of the project. You will be highly accountable for the output of teams and for the overall success of the business. At this level you will have advanced leadership and management skills also, which help you to drive and inspire your team.

So, which level of Marketer are you?

Are you ready to be rewarded for your experience?

Contact the Asset College team today to discuss the RPL process and how what you are doing in your daily work can be attributed towards a transferable, nationally recognised qualification!

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