Marketing Your Small Business Online – The Set Up Checklist

marketing your small business

When starting your own small business, the immediate thought is likely to be where you will get your first or even your next client from! However, it is important to start from the beginning when it comes to marketing your small business – so calm down and take your time to build your small businesses digital footprint.

Here’s a checklist of things you can do to begin marketing your business online.

  • Register a domain name for your business
  • Create an email account linked to that domain name
  • Do some competitor research – find out what other businesses like yours are doing online
  • Select where you would like to host your website
    • Are you going to create the website yourself or are you going to hire a professional?
  • Create digital assets such as logos and banners to use across your digital marketing
  • Create a Google My Business page and get the page verified
  • Create a Facebook business page and Business Manager
  • Create a Instagram business page (if your business can be advertised visually)
  • Create a LinkedIn business page
    • Update your personal LinkedIn page to reflect your new role and business
  • Get listed on local (or international) directories – depending on your type of business
  • Decide on an email marketing program that you will use
  • Will you create blogs for your website?
  • Are you going to pay for advertising online such as Google Adwords?

This list is very compact in comparison to the actual steps that will be required for you to get your business online but, it is a good place to start.

Don’t forget that the QLD government is offering small businesses grants of up to $10,000 to assist with a number of digital initiatives that could be used to help you set-up or improve on your businesses marketing strategy. This includes courses, consultations, equipment and much more!

In addition, funding is also available for small business starts up for nationally recognised and accredited qualifications including:

Certificate III in Micro Business

Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Both of the above qualifications offer assistance with marketing your small business also!

During Small Business Week, take up the opportunity and get your business known within some killer marketing tactics!

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