It’s My Turn Now!

Student Success Story: It’s My Turn Now!

My name is Louise Taylor. I am a single mother of six kids since my husband passed away in 2004.

I have always performed any work that was available to me during the upbringing of my children. It was mostly low paying roles in the dry cleaning industry and then moving on to the food processing industry until I had developed carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands.

This limited my ability to continue to work in these industries which led me to the big question of, “Ok, so what do I do now?”

And having no previous experience in any other industry I was trying to look for something that I was both interested in and that would not affect my hands.

Whilst at a local shopping centre one day I happened to notice a Security guard ahead and thought, Yeah I can do that!

I then arrived home and looked up some information online and noticed that there was a free information morning on the next day and I called Asset College to register for this.

At the information morning the next day I realised that Yes, I can do this and I’d be mad not to give it a go. The course was not too lengthy but certainly long enough to learn all the skills I needed. It also suited my needs and being good at customer service and experience in conversing with people from all walks of life I thought, Yeah, this is great!

I would say that the best bits about the course would be meeting the other students, particularly those in the same age group as myself which I found gave me further confidence and the trainers were friendly and informative.

I am now employed by three security companies, two of which were referrals from Asset College and one which I had found an upcoming position for which I applied.

I would like to add that what had a big impact on my confidence at Asset College was the pre-screening training which was a great help and I was grateful for the continuing referrals by ASSET.

My kids are now grown and it’s my turn now and I feel proud of the industry that I am working in!

Thank you to Louise for allowing us to share her story.

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