ASSET Gave Me The Confidence I Needed!

ASSET Gave Me The Confidence I Needed!

My name is Denise Long I was having a hard time finding an admin or call centre job because of my age…

So a friend suggested why dont I go and do a security course and get my licence.

I looked up Asset Training Australia, now Asset College in North Lakes and went to an information session in January 2017 with Mike Addicott. He went through the courses I would be taking and I was booked in for the course to start the following Monday.

I needed a career change so thought by doing the security course, this would give me more scope to get work at my age and since then, I have!

The best parts of attending the course was being in a classroom environment. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the class and we all helped each other out on hard questions etc. in the course.

I heard about the job by an email from Robyn at Asset College and they said women were welcome to apply so I sent off my updated resume and cover letter in the morning.

I got a phone call in the afternoon offering me a job and shifts and training so I didnt have to have an interview and missed that step due to the experience I have already attained in security.

It is a much different role in security to what other work I am doing as a loss prevention officer. I went and did my two x 4 hour training at two locations and it is a really different role and I love it.

Asset College gave me the confidence I needed to try a new career and so far it is working out for me!

Thank you to Denise for allowing us to share her story.

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