NEWS FROM THE OFT: Security in Shopping Centres

security in shopping centres

Security in shopping centres

Recently, the OFT has become aware of a number of instances of security personnel working in shopping centres not being licensed.

In Queensland, a current crowd controller licence is required to work at a shopping centre doing any of the following:

  • keeping order
  • screening entry of people
  • monitoring or controlling behaviour of people while inside, or
  • removing people for bad behaviour.

A person must be licensed if they are performing these types of duties. It does not matter if a person’s job title doesn’t include words like ‘security’ or ‘crowd controller’.

Not only is it an offence to employ an unlicensed security provider, or to have unlicensed staff performing security functions, but it is also an offence to work as an unlicensed security provider.

The OFT recommends shopping centre managers, or any other business employing security personnel, check all staff are properly licensed and that a crowd controller register is being maintained.

Further details on security industry regulation is available on the OFT website. If you are unsure if an employee’s duties are security work, or which licence is required, please call us on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Article taken from the Office of Fair Trading website: 

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