Nine Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him That Aren’t Socks

last minute christmas gifts for him

Nine Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him That Aren’t Socks

Let’s be honest, men are much harder to buy for at Christmas. It’s just a fact.

When it comes time to get a last-minute gift for the ladies in our lives it’s a walk in the park compared to our husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles. With our girlfriends and female relatives, we know a lovely smelling candle, bath bomb or tasteful perfume will be appreciated and used.

But when it comes to buying for the Y chromosome it is just a bit harder, and there are many reasons for this.

Men are not encouraged to enjoy self-care or luxury items like women are. There is no male equivalent of a nice candle, or a bath bomb and these popular gift items are coded and sold mostly to women.

And most men who have financial freedom and some disposable income will buy themselves anything they actually want, making it harder to find something when the silly season rolls around. Because if he wanted that new xbox game or smart watch he has already bought it for himself.

Which is how most of us end up stuffing their stockings with the old combination of socks, jocks and chocolate, but not this year!

This year we have nine last minutes gift ideas for him that aren’t just jocks, socks or chocolates.

Craft Beer Subscription

If he enjoys a good IPA and he’s partial to a cheeky stout, why not help him refine his palette for craft beer with this subscription service from Craft Cartel . It can cost as a little as $25 per month and for this he will get a $30 voucher every month to order the beers he wants, plus some excellent membership perks and they ship all over Australia.

This gift idea is winner for any craft beer enthusiast.

Go Pro

Is he kind of an adventure nut? Perhaps he is someone who likes to hike and bike and raft his way around on the weekends. If he is, then you should get him a waterproof go pro. These go pros are waterproof up to 30 meters and remote controlled with a 4K action camera. They are perfect for any sport or adventuring activity, they can be mounted to bikes, helmets, self-sticks and more.

This could really level up his Tik Tok or Instagram game and you know he’s going to love showing off the footage at family get-togethers.

Linkedin Premium Subscription

If the man on your Christmas list is looking at changing his job in the new year or trying to gain more clients for his B2B business, you might want to think about getting him this very practical and very helpful present. A LinkedIn Premium Subscription can be a game changer if used correctly.

The subscription to the professional networking app means you can see who views your page and gain insights not available to everyone on new roles that come up.

It’s an excellent present for a professional and serious fellow.

Firearms Course

Even the most mild mannered man has an interest in firearms. Shooting is great fun and it’s an experience like no other. The wonderful thing about the course is it is all about responsibility and safety and it gives the participant access to skills that can become a long lasting hobby and perhaps a great way for the men in the family to bond.

The course is delivered over a one day face-to-face workshop, you can find out more about it here or get in touch with us and we will help you figure out which firearms course would be right for him.

If you have more than one guy to buy for like maybe a father and brother, this could be a great present for both and create an opportunity for family bonding time and maybe even an ongoing family tradition.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If he doesn’t have a pair already or if his pair of headphones have recently been broken…. A set of really good headphones is a great present. Everyone needs a set of noise cancelling headphones.

Whether it’s for his playlist on his morning run or to keep his focus when working from home. A good set of noise cancelling headphones is a great gift for any avid podcast listener, music aficionado or audible fan.

Waterproof Kindle

Does he like to read at the beach, in the bath or anywhere else he runs the risk of getting the pages wet? Is he a bit of a minimalist? Why not get him a waterproof kindle. These nifty devices are not just splash resistant, they can be submerged in 200 metres of water and still work just fine.

The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has a touchscreen display that is glare-free to ensure a comfortable reading experience. It has WiFi connectivity so he can download all his favourite books and the long life battery lasts up to 42 days before needing a recharge.

The waterproof kindle is a fantastic gift for any avid reader who is trying to cut down on physical clutter.

The Drone

Honestly drones are kind of the coolest toy you can get a grown up. They are remote controlled like the toy planes and cars used to be, but they are way cooler and go way faster and they have video you can download to see what the world looks like from a birds eye view.

The DJI Air 25 is one of the best models out today. It has a 12 kilometre radius and 5.4 k video. It also has obstacle sensing in four directions making it a smarter, safer drone.

A drone is a great gift for a photographer, wildlife enthusiast or just someone who is a big kid at heart.

Decanter and Whisky Set

If he enjoys a tipple this gift will leave him tickled pink. Give him a gift that would look right at home on Don Draper’s bar cart. This crystal whisky carafe and tumbler set will have him feeling like a prince and it will add a touch of class and modernist elegance to any living room so it’s a win-win.

Hot Sauce Set from Hot Ones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen the celebrated Youtube show Hot Ones, the show with hot questions and even hotter wings. The premise is that the journalist, Sean Evans, asks his celebrity guest questions that get progressively more probing as they both eat their way down a line of increasingly spicier hot wings.

The show on the YouTube channel First We Feast, is so popular it has more than 10 million subscribers. And if he’s a fan of hot ones even just of hot sauce then this gift is for him.

The gift pack includes the actual ten sauces that they use on the wings in the show so you can work your way through to the hottest wing together as a fun and fiery challenge.

Don’t head straight to a department store for last minute Christmas gifts for him this year. Socks are great and all, but you could definitely knock his socks right off with one of these unique gift ideas!

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