Staying On Track With Online Study

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Staying On Track With Online Study

Online study is a popular way to gain new skills and nationally recognised qualifications. More and more organisations are offering what were traditionally once face-to-face courses through online methods.

The downside to this is that the onus for staying on track with your study – is realistically entirely on you. While your training organisation can support you every step of the way – only you can push yourself to complete the course.

Here are some tips for staying on track.

Listen to ‘stay-focused’ Spotify playlists

It might sound silly – but your environment during study times is really important. If it is too distracting – you’ll get nothing done, if it is too relaxing – well, you’ll still get nothing done!

Set yourself up for success each time you go to study and research some ‘stay-focused’ Spotify/Pandora playlists that you can put on to get yourself in the study mood. Train yourself and your brain to know – when the music is on – it’s time to concentrate.

Follow the rule of three

The Rule of Three says that you just have to get three things done. Make a to-do list and only put the next three things you have to do on it. Give each of those things a good crossing-out once you finish it (make it satisfying).

Once you’ve finished those, create your next list. Make sure that each item is small enough that you can easily finish it. This will help you to break down your large list of items into smaller ones and you’ll feel more accomplished each time you cross something out!

Contact your trainer

Just because your studying online – doesn’t mean you can’t have access to real people! If you’re stuck on a question or having a bit of a brain block about where to go next, give your trainer a call! They might not be available right now but you have taken immediate action to try to solve the problem and get some advice from the person there to help you succeed!

Shoot them an email every now and then letting them know where you are at with your study. This not only keeps you accountable but it builds a relationship with your trainer. The more invested you are in the activity – the more likely you are to complete!

Actually access the online and extra resources that are provided to you in your training

Some online learning resources are really dull – there is no doubt about it. But, they are always packed full of interesting links, videos and sources of information to supplement your learning. They aren’t just there to look good.

These resources are generally more engaging than the standard online learning resources and give you an idea of how the learning applies in real life.

The application of your learning to real life examples will help you to stay on track.

Treat study like a job

When you go to work, you just have to stay at work most times don’t you? – that’s if you want to get paid!

Look at your study like a job – work out what ‘study shifts’ you are planning on doing each week and stick to them. Think of the rewards that you will get when you complete each ‘study shift’ like they are a payment into your bank account from being at work.

Soon, you’ll be able to convert those rewards into real payments because you are investing in your professional development and therefore investing in long term career success!

Beat deadlines

If you are required to complete 1 assessment per month to finalise your Certificate IV or Diploma qualification – look ahead to the due date and aim to submit your assessment 5 days before the due date.

There is nothing worse than leaving everything until the night before something is due. While this pressure might be motivating for some – you truly won’t get the most out of your training experience by rushing it.

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