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Study Security with Asset College

Just starting out in security?

The security industry is an essential part of Australia’s economy, and the demand for skilled security professionals is growing. Asset College can deliver security licensing courses right across Australia. We have unique employer connections that will help you get started in the industry.

Our Certificate II in Security Operations course provides basic security training, covering topics such as customer service, legal and ethical issues, crowd control, negotiation techniques and defensive tactics.

We also offer training to get you started in the aviation security or investigations industries.

Moving up in the security industry?

Certificate III, IV and Diploma courses offer more advanced training in security, risk assessment and management. We are also able to offer specialised training in areas such as government security and government investigations.

Study options include:

On campus


Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Security Industry Overview

Join an industry of security experts, learn covert operations, become a bodyguard or an aviation security guard. Whatever path you choose in security, you’ll be well prepared when you train with ASSET.

Being a security guard is a challenging yet rewarding profession. Security guards are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for people and property, and this requires vigilance and attention to detail.  

As a security guard, you must be prepared to handle a range of situations, including responding to emergencies, dealing with disruptive behaviour, and deterring criminal activity. It is a career that demands discipline, professionalism, and a strong sense of responsibility, but at the end of the day you know you are making a difference in ensuring the safety of others. 

The Australian security industry is highly regulated, with strict licensing requirements and standards in place to ensure the safety of both clients and workers. At ASSET we focus on providing quality training with industry leaders. Each course is designed to meet licensing requirements in that state or territory.  

The security industry is growing rapidly, with new roles coming up all the time. In security there is something for everyone. Explore the roles available to you through our specialised, industry-standard training programs including security guard, crowd controller, aviation security officer, cash-in-transit, bodyguard, armed security and private investigator.  

Why Asset College? 

Asset College is an award-winning RTO and the only national security training provider. We have been training in the security sector for over 15 years and we’ve gained a reputation for being the go-to security training provider, trusted by security firms large and small all over the country.  

Our trainers are industry leaders who maintain their connections in the security sector and all their qualifications as well as their real-world knowledge. They focus on preparing you for the realities of the security industry with state-of-the-art industry equipment. They aren’t afraid to get on the mat and show you how it’s done.  

ASSET offers a unique employment support service at no cost to graduates. The Employer Connections Program gives you access to post-course employment support like no other organisation. You can get help with structuring your resume for the security industry, interview prep and additional employment support. Once you have completed your pre-screening process, you are then invited to attend employer connections events, where security companies looking to hire staff can meet with ASSET graduates. 

Key features of Security Training at Asset College

  • Employment Support – get coached on how to get a job in the security industry with resume reviews and interview prep as well networking events. 
  • Nationally recognised certificate – Asset College is a nationally recognised, Award-winning RTO and the only national security training organisation.  
  • Customised training environments – Asset College has customised training environments with access to industry technology and resources.  
  • State of the art facilities – Asset College maintains campuses across the country with state-of-the-art facilities.  
  • Training from Industry leaders – Our trainers are leaders in the security industry, having spent decades working their way up to leadership positions in state and national security companies. Others have backgrounds in law enforcement or defence prior to moving to private security.  
  • Specialised training – At ASSET you can complete specialised security training courses that aren’t readily available with other organisations. Learn how to screen people and baggage with our aviation security course, or get specialised covert training to work as a bodyguard. You can even learn how to safely operate firearms as an armed security guard