Pandemic Proof Jobs

pandemic proof jobs

Pandemic Proof Jobs

It’s a new year but looking around you might not know it. As the threat of new variants loom and cases rise, it feels like 2022 is just going to be another pandemic year.

But that being said, we are starting to return to some semblance of normal. State borders are opening, international borders will be next, restrictions are lifting, and we are even on track in Queensland to ditch the masks in March.

The pandemic is still lingering leaving many people feeling uncertain in their jobs. Shutdowns due to COVID cases and an unstable economic environment has many workers searching for a new career path.

If you’re looking for something new and more stable in the wake of another pandemic year, check out this list of pandemic proof jobs that will be relevant for years to come.


Watching the stock shortages and panic buying over the past couple of years, one thing is for sure; warehouse workers are in high demand.  A warehouse worker is responsible for picking and packing items for dispatch. Processing inbound and outbound shipments, sorting, loading and unloading products and completing paperwork associated with the role as well as adhering to strict health and safety protocols.

There’s no formal training required to work in warehousing however a Certificate III in Warehousing would be beneficial. However being fit and strong enough to lift heavy things, as well as being a hard worker with a good attention to detail will help you to excel in the role.

Delivery driving

Within the warehouse and logistics industries there is also work driving and delivering stock and products. A warehouse delivery driver handles picking and packing stock, signing off on the load they are transporting, loading and unloading the product and safely transporting it from one location to another.

If you’re interested in working in this area, there’s no formal qualifications you’ll be required to hold but there may be some safety training and certificates you might want to look into. You may also need an MR or HR truck licence depend on the type of delivering you are doing. You’ll also need to be physically fit, able to lift heavy boxes, hold an unrestricted license and be a detail-oriented worker.


Almost everyone is working from home now so is it any wonder that the need for IT workers has risen sharply since the start of the pandemic? Working in IT is often times done remotely, patching in from a secure home office set up and accessing other work stations remotely to fix issues.

To get into the Information Technology industry you’ll need a little more than a passion for computers. You’ll also have to have a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science to get your foot in the door with this industry.

Cyber Security

This growth industry was booming before the pandemic hit and the move to working from home models in a lot of our offices has not slowed down this fast growing sector.  Cyber security experts are in charge of making sure a company’s network is secure and their systems can’t be hacked.

The cyber security industry is experiencing a skills shortage that is currently driving up the median wage for this sector, the average cyber security salary is $116,919 per annum.

Getting into this exciting industry is easier than you might expect. Though you will need to complete the Certificate IV in Cyber Security, this course takes about a year to complete full-time and there’s job prospects in a range of industries. You can learn more about the course here.

Call Centre Operators

This pandemic proof job is mostly work from home these days, you can do both inbound and outbound call centre work and there is always work going. To excel in a call centre position, you’ll need to have excellent verbal communication skills and be a quick learner. Product knowledge and problem solving skills also serve you really well in a role such as this.

While there are no formal qualifications required to do call centre operative work, there is a course that will help you gain the soft skills and the practical skills needed to excel in the role. This is called the Certificate III in Business with a specialisation in Customer Engagement. This course is delivered completely online which means you can start anytime and study from anywhere in Australia. You can learn more about this course here.


At a time when other industries were laying people off, the security industry was actively recruiting staff. The security industry in Australia has seen a real boom during COVID. Many businesses had to put on additional security staff to manage customers and ensure all the restrictions were being adhered to.

Security is a fast-paced and varied industry with something for everyone. If you’re happy working alone and are a bit of night owl, then gatehouse or roving guard work will suit you well. Whereas, if you’re a real team player and have excellent interpersonal skills and presentation, then concierge might be just the thing for you.

To get into the security industry you’ll need to be physically fit, good with people, able to practice conflict resolution, good at problem solving and fastidious about following protocol. There is a course you’ll need to complete if you want to move into the exciting field of security, it’s the Certificate II in Security Operations. If you’d like to know more you can check out the course here.


In a global health crisis it’s no wonder there’s a drastic need for healthcare workers at every level. While you’re unlikely to want to go out and immediately enrol to become a nurse or doctor, there are other ways you can get into the healthcare field.

You can become an administrative assistant or an orderly without formal training. There is a lot of work going in healthcare at the moment, so if you want to find a job where you are making a difference and really be on the front lines during this pandemic these positions might be the right fit for you.

Food Retail

We all remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020. With this mind it’s not surprising that grocery work and food retail made the cut for this list. This is truly a pandemic proof job even when other industries shut down for long periods, they couldn’t close the grocery stores. Coles and Woolworths are always hiring staff, you don’t need any formal qualifications to work in food retail and there are options for career advancement through their management programs.

We hope you found this list of pandemic proof jobs helpful. If you’re thinking about a career change but you’re not sure what you want to do, have a chat with our friendly course advisors. They will be able to recommend a course that will help you find your next career path!

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