3 Pathways To Higher Education

pathways to higher education

3 Pathways To Higher Education

So, you’ve been thinking about going to university?

Deciding to take the leap and study a Bachelor’s or Post-Graduate degree can be daunting but there is no right path to a university degree – there is many!

Starting with vocational education can help to get you on the right pathway to university!

Step Up Slowly

There are a number of benefits to stepping up through the qualification ranks before heading off to university.

Firstly, you will gain invaluable practical skills that are sought after by employers – that a lot of young university graduates don’t have.

Secondly, if you are in a position to do so, starting at a Certificate III level means that you will be able to gain access to government funding that those who jump straight to a degree, are no longer able to access.

Finally, building foundational knowledge means when it comes time for you to take on that degree, industry-specific jargon and procedures make more sense and you will be able to more effectively apply the academic teachings to real life situations – just like you do when studying at a vocational college.

Break The Mould

Undertaking a certificate or diploma qualification can be a good way to get back into studying before continuing onto a degree.

People who have not studied in the traditional sense for a long time can sometimes find it hard to gain back the concentration and motivation needed to see a large degree through.

These people usually end up deferring their course, sometimes to never pick it up again. It is about putting your toe in the ocean first, to make sure you’re ready to dive right in.

Gain Credit

VET qualifications, especially Advanced and Graduate Diplomas through RPL can be used to gain entry to or credit towards higher level degrees such as an MBA – which saves time, money and you get recognition for your experience rather than having to learn things you already know!

An Advanced Diploma plus 2 years management experience is generally all that is required for entry into an MBA – no Bachelor degree needed.

For someone who has been successful in reaching a management position without university study, this is a great pathway.

Graduate Diplomas through RPL may even count as credit towards an MBA – reducing the time frames even further! Check out our partnership with Southern Cross University for more information here.

Find out about government funding options.

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