Post-Graduate RPL Gives Pathway to MBA

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Post-Graduate RPL Gives Pathway to MBA

post-graduate RPL gives pathway to MBA
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Post-graduate RPL gives pathway to MBA

ASSET has recently partnered with Southern Cross University to offer students from post-graduate qualifications an opportunity to gain credit towards a Master of Business Administration.

Experienced Leaders and Managers who choose to complete our Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) through RPL will receive a total of 2 credit units towards an MBA. This makes up 12% of the MBA which currently consists of 16 credit units.

If you decide to complete a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership this will allow you 31 – 37% credit depending on your electives and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity can gain up to 25% credit towards the MBA.

SCU has stated that the learning achieved in the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificates will be considered in conjunction with other qualifications, professional development and industry experience held, in order to maximise the potential for credit transfer. Meaning that very experienced professionals have further opportunities to gain more credit for their skills and experience towards the MBA.

ASSET welcomes the partnership that now allows our students a real pathway to a higher education Masters’ degree by recognising their existing skills and experience, achieved through many years of hard work.

ASSET has recently implemented a new online RPL system, making it even quicker and easier than before for time-poor Managers to submit evidence towards an RPL application. These online RPL kits guide participants through each step of the process.

We are also offering 10% off the final payment amount to participants who proactively provide enough evidence to satisfy their RPL application within 30 days of enrolment. We are hoping this will be an incentive for people who may delay the evidence gathering process once committed.

Obtaining a post-graduate qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning is just like completing a qualification through full study, but you have already done all of the work and your final step is to compile it and be rewarded!

If you’re thinking about applying for RPL for a Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning), Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership , contact our friendly team today to discuss your options or complete a Free Skills Assessment. It only takes 5 minutes of your time but could be your pathway to an MBA with Southern Cross University!

For information on Southern Cross University’s MBA program please visit their website.