Building Your Professional Image and Reputation

building your professional image

Building Your Professional Image and Reputation

Do you want to be a thought leader in your industry?

You might say yes but to be honest, not many people reach the true peaks of thought leadership and the term is used far too lightly in the world of online reputations.

Instead of becoming a thought leader, how about just becoming a reputable professional in your industry? It’s a good starting point for a lot of young professionals.

The next step is how we get there.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Sounds simple right? But have you stopped to review the first impressions that people may get when they visit your professional Facebook page, your website or even when they call you by phone?

  • Are you smiling in your profile picture?
  • Is your content positive and inspiring?
  • Are you reaching out to people offering your help and expertise?

People want to work with people who are so into their work it’s almost unbearable, because they know if you’re into what you do, it is very likely you are good at it too.

It may be hard for you to portray this at first and it might feel kind of silly but it will truly help your professional image.

Check your voicemail right now too – do you sound happy and excited that someone has called? If not, change it right now!

Find out more about how important first impressions online are for your professional image in this article here.

Connecting With The Right People

Associating with the right people and organisations is an ideal way to get noticed in a professional capacity. This starts firstly with taking care with the people that you are connecting with online.

We are a reflection of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So take a look at the people around you and decide whether or not they are helping your professional image.

Now that you’ve read this, it may be time for a clean out.

Connecting both UP and DOWN is important. Don’t just go out to connect with people who may be able to offer you a career advancement or who sit at a management level. It is important to connect with people whom YOU may be able to help too.

The latter of these connections will ultimately become your biggest supporters in increasing your professional reputation and image.

Be Yourself

It is important to separate personal and professional in online spaces – especially if your weekend activities don’t necessarily match what you do 9-5.

BUT don’t try to be something you’re not. Share your own opinions truthfully and back them up with hard evidence or an articulated view of why you believe that to be the case.

People will always have a different opinion but the trick to building an online reputation is to stand by your beliefs and opinions on a topic – because it is likely that others agree with you too and those people are likely looking for someone to lead their niche ideals in the online space.

Take a lesson from Dr Gabor Mate’s theories. Dr Mate is a renowned addiction expert who has very different views from other medical and psychological doctors in his field. Listen to his podcast on the Tim Ferris show to understand how he built a reputation through never flailing from his own beliefs.

Interested in professional image and reputation as a professional development workshop for your staff? Enquire with us.

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