Top 4 Project Management Software Applications For Teams

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Top 4 Project Management Software Applications For Teams

Being a Project Manager is a tough job. You require exceptional organisational and people management skills in order to achieve successful outcomes for your organisation. Successful Project Managers don’t do it all on their own – they usually have a suite of technology behind them that allows them to create workflows and delegate to their team members, ensuring jobs are on track.

Here are the top 4 project management software applications that we think Project Managers should be utilising!


With ProofHub you can easily plan, collaborate, organise and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, using one project planning software with all the right tools put at one place.

It is a centralised workplace for tasks lists, discussions, workflows, calendars, documents – far more than a lot of other project management softwares offer. It runs in the cloud, so there is nothing to store and everything is backed up automatically. It also connects with other apps that you undoubtedly use in your business – meaning that you aren’t swapping and changing between systems all the time.

It is great if your organisation has a lot of remote workers or contractors because timesheets are automatically created based on the cool in-app timer. This gives total transparency of time involved in your projects – and perhaps who is putting in the most work to get a project off the ground!


This program is relatively new to the market however is extremely intuitive and is able to be integrated with a number of other programs to make your life just that much easier. In Asana, Project Managers can create multiple overarching projects, specifying within each of them individual tasks to achieve those goals, tagging the responsible team members and specify due dates for completion of tasks.

Users can log tasks from both their desktop and mobile application, as well as forwarding emails of tasks directly into the program. Each task allows you to upload files and notes and the view each user sees can be personalised depending on their preference. Once a task is complete, you can simply tick it off and the Project Manager can be alerted each time something changes in the platform! Asana is so easy to use and literally a godsend in the project management world.

Zoho Projects

For those who want a little bit of extra flexibility with regards to communicating with your project management team, Zoho could be the go for you. This software allows you to initiate chats within your projects to quickly communicate with team members for urgent tasks. It will record each chat so that you never have to search through your email to find the instructions or ask ‘Did I sent that task to them?’.

If you need to effectively track your teams time as it is important to the budgeting for your projects, Zoho has an in-built time tracker for each task – meaning you know exactly what work was completed when and by whom! This program allows for ultimate transparency.


Wrike fits well within teams that are focused on creative outputs. In this platform, users can manage external and internal requests with built-in forms and automatically assign work to appropriate teams based on team schedules and availability.

This platform is great for medium sized businesses who have relatively standard work requests that happen frequently and that are completed by remote teams. The best part is being able to keep track of exactly who requested what by whom and for quick review and feedback on creative documents including in video and image formats!

At the end of the day, each project management team will require something slightly different in order to effectively get the job done and there is no one fits all application.

At Asset College, our experienced trainers will be able to guide you through the best way to manage your teams projects both manually and utilising software to assist. Find out more about our project management courses today!

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