Invest in Your Future: Study Towards a Diploma of Project Management Online with Asset Training Australia

Are you ready to change your path in life and start building the foundation for the career you have always wanted? Start investing in your future today by applying for a Diploma of Project Management programme online through Asset Training Australia. The skills of leadership and project management are vital and sought after in virtually every field. Our graduates of this programme have gone on to be successful in a range of different positions, in a variety of different industries. You could be next!

Why Choose Asset Training Australia?

If you are thinking of studying towards a Diploma of Project Management, you might be wondering why you should choose Asset Training Australia to get you there. What separates our learning community from other educational opportunities in Australia? Many different factors make Asset Training Australia stand out from the crowd, but here are a few of the draws that we consider being the biggest:

  • Online Access: If you are trying to pursue your education while also holding down a full-time job, it might seem like your options are limited. Elsewhere, that might be the case, but as Asset Training Australia, you are never limited. We offer most of our courses—including the Diploma of Project Management—online. In our courses, you can study where you want, when you want and how you want, without having to come to our offices or make your way to a classroom.
  • RPL Availability: Asset Training Australia recognises the RPL (recognition of prior learning) process. With RPL, you can be recognised and get credit for years of industry experience and knowledge. For instance, if you have any previous professional management or leadership experience, you may be able to get RPL credit towards your Diploma of Project Management.
  • A Good Reputation: In most cases, you get out of education what you put into it. Still, it’s worth noting that Asset Training Australia has a distinguished reputation with employers. Our students are very successful in securing employment in their chosen fields. Regardless of where you are hoping to go by studying a Diploma of Project Management online, you can trust that Asset Training Australia has an excellent track record of helping students just like you get there.

Study the Diploma of Project Management with Asset Training Australia; Enrol Today!

If you are interested in beginning your studies towards the Diploma of Project Management, click here. You will be able to read more about the qualification, including the skills that you will learn along the way and the positions you will be able to compete for once you have your diploma.

You will also see two options for enrolling: the RPL Diploma of Project Management and the standard Diploma of Project Management online. If you are not sure which course option is correct for you, or if you think you qualify for RPL but aren’t certain, feel free to get in touch with Asset Training Australia directly. You can reach our offices by calling 1300 731 602.

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