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About This Training Partner

Asset College has partnered with Ray Mancini Academy, combining the best in security and firearms knowledge in WA with nationally recognised qualifications.

Since opening it’s doors, the Ray Mancini Academy has helped provide law enforcement and security professionals with specialist emergency training, defensive tactics, first aid, and cutting-edge firearm training.

Their story began educating both law enforcement officers and private security professionals with the necessary training to protect and prevent harm to themselves and others in life-threatening situations.

Their focus has now evolved into a mission to improve the industry standard of security and law enforcement training as a whole, and better both public and officer safety.

Underlying this is their continued commitment to changing the conversation around gun use and the use of force applications.

Ray Mancini has owned and managed his own RTO for well over 10 years and moving into a partnership model with an RTO was not an easy decision to make.

Who are Ray Mancini Academy students?

Ray Mancini Academy have a wide scope of target audience groups including:

  • Individuals who want to enter the private security industry
  • Ex law enforcement and military professionals
  • Law enforcement and government agencies
  • Current security professionals seeking further developments
  • First responders
  • First aid end-users

Qualifications Delivered

The Ray Manini Academy delivers the following subject areas:

  • Basic to Advanced Firearms Training
  • WAPOL Firearms Endorsement for Armed Professionals
  • Firearms Instructor Development
  • First Aid and Emergency Response Training
  • Security Training and Defensive Tactics
  • Security Consulting, Loss Prevention, and Site Security Services
  • Specialised Law Enforcement Programs

About This Partnership

Some of the key strengths Ray Mancini Academy have enjoyed since partnering with ASSET are:

  • Confidence knowing the business is secure in a highly regulated environment, backed with a strong commitment to ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.
  • Being part of a successful RTO with more than fourteen years in the industry, with rigorous internal processes to ensure good-standing with currency and compliance audit history with ASQA.
  • Continuously investigating new technologies and market trends to find ways to improve students’ pre-course study and overall training experience.
  • Having access to great networking and professional development opportunities through the annual national conferences and workshops is a great way to stay competitive and keep up to date with industry news and changes.

“After getting to know Mark Costello from Asset College professionally and understanding the level of dedication and success he has achieved as a registered training organisation, as well as his commitment to excellence and approach to continuous improvement in all aspects of the vocational education and training in Australia, this was more than enough for me to gain all the confidence and trust in exploring a training partnership with Asset College.”

Ray Mancini


The Ray Mancini Academy are able to deliver face to face training in Wangara, Western Australia.


15 / 1 Irwin Road

[email protected]

1300 841 871


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