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Concurrent Assistance Teacher, Training Organisation

Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice

Be recognised for your commitment to adult language, literacy and numeracy development within the community.

Description of Role

Concurrent Assistant Teachers assist in the delivery and evaluation of specialised teaching functions within language, literacy and numeracy programs. They work alongside teachers and trainers in the conduct of activities like teaching, paperwork and lesson planning.

Aside from reinforcing the lessons presented by the teachers, Concurrent Assistant Teachers help with recordkeeping, including tracking attendance and calculating grades. Overall, the role played by Concurrent Assistant Teachers is vital in helping learners gain literacy and numeric skills.

While some organisations require only on-the-job training, better job opportunities are available for Concurrent Assistant Teachers who pursue degrees in related fields like early childhood education or child development. Those who wish to expand their qualifications may enrol in certificate programs that cover areas such as health and safety.

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