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Human Resources Director

advanced diploma of management

Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)

Apply your leadership skills to developing human capital through an Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources).

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity

Private: Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity

Apply your diversity leadership skills to a post-graduate qualification through RPL.

Description of Role

Human Resources Directors promote and implement human resource values by planning and managing human resources programs. They are primarily responsible for the smooth operations of a company’s human resources department.

Human Resources Directors develop and implement human resources strategies. These cover major areas which include, among others, recruitment and staffing, organisational and space planning, performance management and improvement systems, organisational development, employee development and training, policy development and documentation, compensation and benefits administration and employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.

Given the scope of their work, Human Resources Directors are expected to possess outstanding commercial and strategic business insight, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, diplomatic and negotiation skills, budgeting skills and ability to handle difficult situations. .

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