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RTO Manager

Diploma of Training Design and Development

Gain the knowledge to design training solutions and products to meet workplace requirements and engage learners.

Description of Role

RTO Managers are responsible for overseeing an RTO, ensuring its quality learning outcomes and targeted growth. This is in line with their key task of proactively working to maximize the financial performance of the RTO.

RTO Managers effectively manage all RTO resources in an efficient manner, consistent with business requirements. They identify and develop viable commercial opportunities for the RTO and prepare business plans, marketing plans and capital plans. They likewise create opportunities to promote, market and sell all available accredited training opportunities to potential employers and businesses.

RTO Managers possess good interpersonal and communication skills as they need to cultivate and maintain positive, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with employer groups, industry bodies and other key stakeholders. They also have high level experience and achievement in the contemporary management of training programs, ability to assess RPL and understanding of RTO operations.

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