Training and Assessment Consultant - Asset College | RTO 31718

Training and Assessment Consultant

Diploma of Training Design and Development

Gain the knowledge to design training solutions and products to meet workplace requirements and engage learners.

Description of Role

Training and Assessment Consultants deliver training programs and assess relevant qualifications within an organisation or RTO. They are responsible for developing, assessing and training job skills/tasks in response to business needs.  They also monitor and report employee progress/training feedback to business heads.

Specifically, Training and Assessment Consultants develop training objectives and materials and facilitate training and learning events for small and large groups and individuals. They document and update training records and all pertinent materials and work collaboratively with business units to support requests and desired training outcomes.

To effectively perform their role, Training and Assessment Consultants must have relevant experience in working with and/or supporting training. They should be able to assess the comprehension and understanding of learners in a live training situation, and adjust their facilitation style to address the learners’ needs.

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