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Training and Development Officer

Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Build a whole comprehensive knowledge of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector.

Description of Role

Training and Development Officers are responsible for identifying staff training and development needs, and for planning, organising and overseeing appropriate training. They set performance metrics, evaluate productivity and help workers create long-term career plans within an organisation.

Training and Development Managers develop, implement and monitor training programs within an organisation. This task includes, among others, creating brochures, visual aids, presentations and training materials, conducting orientation and training sessions, conducting performance evaluations and providing performance feedback. Training and Development Managers also typically manage the training budget and take an active role in building cross-functional relationships.

In general, companies require Training and Development Managers to have proven work experience in training, as well as track record in designing and executing successful training programs. Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods is likewise vital, in addition to excellent communication, leadership, time management and organisational skills.

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