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Work Health and Safety Specialist

Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Experienced Work Health and Safety Practitioners can apply their existing skills and be awarded an Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

Description of Role

Work Health and Safety Specialists have extensive knowledge in the work health and safety industry and use this knowledge to ensure that projects are carried out in accordance with relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

Ultimately, they are tasked with the job of ensuring that everyone is able to operate in a safe working environment. They are responsible for designing policies and procedures to ensure work health and safety adherence and will also inspect operations and activities.

From their inspections, they are able to use feedback and reports to devise and implement work health and safety programs, uncover patterns in injury data and ensure that accidents are reported and dealt with appropriately.

If you are already an active WHS specialist, you can be recognised for your commitment to workplace safety through our Recognition of Prior Learning program!

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