Workforce Planner

Graduate Certificate in Digital Education

Be recognised for your skills and knowledge in the digital education and elearning spheres.

Description of Role

Workforce Planners monitor an organisation’s business strategy to make sure it employs enough workers with the right skills at the right time. Their job involves all phases of talent management within an organisation, from forecasting to recruiting to skills development.

Workforce Planners help an organsation balance staffing levels with the volume of work being produced. They collect organisational data and use it to generate reports on work volume and project staffing needs. They also propose a staffing plan and budget based on an analysis of staffing needs.

Workforce Planners often go beyond day-to-day tactical roles and provide high-level strategic planning in the conduct of their duties. To successfully perform their role, they must have the ability to think logically and creatively, using a business-focused approach. They also need to have a high degree of organisation and a commitment to continuous learning.

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