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Safety In Your Small Business

safety in your small business

Work health and safety in businesses is one of the most overlooked areas, given little attention compared to other areas of the business daily. But safety in your small business is paramount to your success.  

Making sure that your small business has safety practices in place from day one can ensure not only your compliance as a registered business operator but is a safeguard for future mishaps that are inevitable in a business environment. 

Figure out your compliance requirements  

All businesses have a primary duty of care for Work Health and Safety. This means whether you’re a sole trader or running a small business with whole suite of employees, you are responsible for leading your workplace in WHS compliance. Each business will have different compliance requirements depending on their industry, the size of their business and what they do. You can learn more about small business compliances requirements here.  

Requirements for all small business owners 

Regardless of your industry, type of business or the size of your business there are some requirements you will need to meet for WHS as a small business owner.  

You must ensure that the business complies with the industry standard health and safety obligations, including ensuring there are appropriate practices and systems place, and these are actively monitored and evaluated.  

Lead the way  

As a small business owner, it’s important to take charge and lead the team with your work health and safety initiatives. Showing your employees and clients that you care about Work Health and Safety is important to setting the tone and attitude towards safety in your business.   

Make sure that you are insured 

Insurance can be expensive, but an injury in the workplace or a claim against you for incorrect professional advice or the like can be even more costly.  It is important that small businesses have the correct public liability insurance and if required, professional indemnity insurance to cover them in all circumstances. Speaking to a qualified insurance broker will help you to understand your requirements and they can help you find the best deal! 

Head to a small business safety workshop

These are completely free and are run by WorkSafe QLD. They are held right across South East QLD and will be featuring predominantly this month for small business week! Head to the WorkSafe website to find out a list of upcoming dates and register. 

Have a work health and safety plan in place

There are many resources that can help you develop a comprehensive safety plan for your business. Depending on what type of business you are running, it may also be a good idea to register for the Injury Prevention and Management program with Worksafe. Not only will this be a great way to ensure ongoing compliance, but you can market your participation in programs like this, showing your customers and the public that your business is serious about workers’ safety. 

WHSQ-HSR-NCB01 Queensland Health and Safety Representative Course 

Managing safety in the workplace is important for all organisations across every industry. That’s why it’s important to elect and train an HSR.  

HSR Reps or Health and Safety representatives are elected by a work group to represent them during consultation on health and safety issues in the workplace. 

The Health and Safety Representative (HSR) course is essential for anyone wishing to act as the Health and Safety Rep or Deputy HSR for their organisation – as mandated by Queensland’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011. 

The HSR must complete the course to be able to issue Provisional Improvement Notices or PINs.  

HSR Reps are elected by a work group to represent them during consultation on health and safety issues in the workplace. 

Working in Construction? 

Construction Skills Queensland in partnership with the Queensland Government have selected Asset College to deliver a range of heavily subsidised qualifications. 

If you’re interested in improving the safety strategies and procedures for your small business, funding is available via Construction Skills Queensland for a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety for those who work or have worked within the construction and building industry in the last 6 months (subject to eligibility). 

There are so many options for supporting your staff’s professional development in the Work Health and Safety area. We can help you work out the right course and possibly the right funding for you. Contact us today.