Marko ‘Cruzed’ From Sea Life to Security Management

Marko Cruz

Marko ‘Cruzed’ From Sea Life to Security Management

ASSET graduate Marko Jr Cruz was cruising the seas for years before he decided to change things up and become a Security Guard.

“I was on a cruise ship for 18 years. I was in hotel operations (cleaner, room attendant, payroll officer, guest relations officer, payroll manager, guest relations manager and hotel management) for 10 years and was also an Environmental Officer for 8 years with the engine operations prior to entering the security industry.”

Marko enjoyed working on the cruise ship and it was actually during this time that he first had some exposure to the security industry.

“Most of my best friends are security officers on the ship.” He told ASSET. “Though I had not really seen myself in the industry way back then.”

Once Marko made the choice to move to security, he knew ASSET was the right place to complete his course and he was surprised how much fun he had in the training room.

“I enjoyed my time training with ASSET. I had a very humorous, talented, interactive, and experienced instructor.”

Marko credits his ASSET Trainer with helping him to prepare for real world security scenarios.

“He gave us insights into the security industry and made our training and learning as real as possible and I must thank him, it worked with me.”

Marko told ASSET, “I’m glad I did the security course and learned the trade as much as I could from static to mobile patrol. It enabled me to take steps on the ladder of my new chosen career.”

And security certainly seems like the right career choice for Marko who has already risen to a management position after only two years in the industry.

Marko told us, “Security is more of a proactive approach when it comes to safety of people and property. I would really encourage security professionals to focus on their customer relations skills. It really helps, especially when it comes to de-escalation techniques. I enjoy using my customer relations skills with security and I think they blend well.”

Marko gave these words of wisdom for anyone looking to get into the security industry.

“Learn and love the security industry. There are a lot of jobs. They are everywhere. Read about security and purchase a couple of security notebooks online and practice with them. Every good security officer should be able to write and report his tour of duty for the day.”

Are you thinking of a career change just like Marko? 

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