We Didn’t Want The Security Course To End!

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We Didn’t Want The Security Course To End!

Mary Larrescy, like many other students who have come through our Certificate II in Security Operations course at Logan was surprised and delighted by what she experienced!

“I have just completed a course in Certificate II in Security Operations at Logan. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about Lynn Meecham who was the trainer, but from a students point of view i will…..

Lynn is such an asset (pardon the pun) to ASSET!

I’m sure if Lynn wasn’t the trainer I wouldn’t have come away from the course with as much knowledge as i have. She not only gives us what we need to know, she gives so much more. Her examples and past experience stories will stay in my head.

And not only all of that, but her way of training is entertaining in such a way that we want to listen to her and that helps us remember. Most, if not all students were very worried we wouldn’t be able to understand what to do by the end of the course.

From her first words to us, to her last words she made us all feel very comfortable and at ease. Her patience with those that either don’t understand something…repeatedly, or are slow is incredible.

By the time we finished several of us didn’t want it to end.

We wanted to come back again and be entertained and learn more of her stories about real life situations. All of us left there very happy with what Lynn did for us.

Thank you so much for having trainers like Lynn out there to help us!”

Lynn Meecham is only one of many security trainers at Asset College who dedicate their time to ensuring students attending our security courses succeed!

If you’ve been considering gaining a Security Licence either to make a career out of it or perhaps just for some part-time work, start with a Free Information Session! The opportunities in the security industry for work in diverse roles is endless.

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