CPPSS00060 Canine Skill Set

This skill set is for Security Officers who want to obtain their Dog Patrol licence in QLD.

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CPPSS00060 Canine Skill Set

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Start with the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations.

The Security Dog Handler Course at Asset College provides the necessary training for individuals aiming to apply for a QLD Class 1 Security Officer (Dog Patrol) licence.

This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of working as a security dog handler, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the field. It focuses on developing skills in canine behaviour understanding, effective handling, and security procedures.

This training is designed to meet the specific requirements for obtaining a dog patrol licence in Queensland, offering a direct path for those looking to specialise in this area of security work.

With a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience, participants will leave the course ready to enter the security industry as competent dog handlers.

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Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Security Dog Handler Course at Asset College, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment. This certification is an essential step for those looking to advance their career in security, specifically in roles that involve working closely with dogs.

Graduates of this course will be eligible to apply to add the Security Officer (Dog Patrol) function to their existing Queensland security licence.

Furthermore, this course opens up significant employment opportunities. With the skills and qualifications gained, graduates are well-positioned to seek employment with security firms that specialise in providing security dog handler services. These roles are vital across various sectors, offering a challenging yet rewarding career path for those passionate about combining their security expertise with working alongside dogs.

Asset College’s strong industry connections and reputation for high-quality training mean that our graduates are highly regarded by employers seeking skilled security dog handlers.

Entry Requirements

To enrol in the Security Dog Handler Course at Asset College, the following entry requirements must be met:

  • Completion of the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations.
  • Meeting the eligibility requirements for a security licence in Queensland or holding a current QLD Class 1 Security Providers Licence.
  • Passing a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) test prior to the course commencement.
  • The course involves physical activities. Applicants must not have any injury or disability that prevents full participation.
  • Asset College provides dogs for training purposes; students are not permitted to bring their own dogs.

This course is not open to international students (student visa 500).

Units of Competency

The Security Dog Handler Course at Asset College includes the skill set CPPSS00060 – Canine Handling for Security Work.

This skill set is specifically designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective canine handling within the security sector. The CPPSS00060 skill set comprises two essential units of competency:

  1. CPPSEC3113 – Handle Dogs for Security Patrolling: This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to handle and control dogs for security patrolling purposes. It includes preparing dogs for patrol, controlling dogs in a security context, and ensuring the welfare of the dogs during and after operations.
  2. CPPSEC3114 – Manage Dogs for Security Functions: This unit focuses on the management aspects of working with dogs in security roles. It encompasses the selection of suitable dogs for specific security functions, training and conditioning dogs for their roles, and maintaining the health and welfare of security dogs.

These units are integral to developing a comprehensive understanding and ability in security dog handling, ensuring graduates are prepared for a variety of roles in the security industry.

Delivery Options

The Security Dog Handler Course at Asset College is offered as a comprehensive program that combines face-to-face instruction with self-paced online components. This singular, integrated delivery option is structured to provide participants with a robust learning experience, ensuring they acquire both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for security dog handling. The course is designed to be completed over a period that includes:

  • Five Days of Face-to-Face Training: Conducted at our campuses, this intensive training covers all practical aspects of security dog handling, allowing direct interaction with experienced trainers and real-time feedback. Additional self-paced online training must be completed within three months from the commencement of the course, offering flexibility to accommodate individual learning paces and schedules.

This program is currently available at the following Asset College locations:

  • North Lakes
  • Logan
  • Gold Coast
  • Townsville

This delivery method ensures a well-rounded education, preparing participants for immediate entry into the security industry as competent dog handlers.

Course Fees



Other Information

Please read our Course Fees and Refund policy here.

Assessment Re-Submission Fees

Should you be deemed not competent after 2 attempts at a unit of competency, an assessment re-submission fee of $50 will apply per assessment.


Should you wish to cancel your course or your enrolment is cancelled by us due to no progress and you then wish to re-enrol, a re-enrolment fee of 25% of the standard course fee will apply if requested within 3 months of initial cancellation. If re-enrolment is requested within 4 – 12 months of initial cancellation, 50% of the standard course fee will apply.


“I completed a security course with ASSET on the Gold Coast. I also completed a Batons and Handcuffs and Firearms course. I feel that the level of competence provided by the team is of the highest standard, which provided for me personally a sound understanding of firearms safety and related weapons techniques. After spending 22 years in the New South Wales Police Force I believe that the team at ASSET are a highly professional, responsible, and caring group.”

Mike Donnelly

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State Winner

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