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Security Industry Association Forum 3 September 2018

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Security Industry Association Forum 3 September 2018

On 3 September, approved Security Industry Associations were invited to attend a meeting with the OFT. The OFT appreciates the commitment and involvement by Associations in this annual meeting as it is a great opportunity for industry to raise issues and concerns their members have, and have them answered.

There was a large turnout this year with the majority of Associations in attendance. The format was slightly different to previous events, with meetings for the manpower and technical sectors combined.  A number of topics were discussed including:

  • OFT’s licensing statistics.
  • OFT’s outcomes report (focusing on compliance outcomes).
  • The process for submitting a complaint with the OFT about unlicensed persons within the security industry.
  • The new training package for the security industry currently in development by Artibus Innovation.
  • ID Scanning (Office of Liquor and Gaming).
  • OFT online licensing services.
  • Timeframes for processing a security providers licence.
  • Labour hire licensing.

The OFT outcomes report provides an overview of the OFT’s strategies, functions and activities for the year. It highlights where we focused our resources, and the results we achieved. The 2017-2018 report will be available on the OFT website soon.

First published in the Security Buzz Newsletter from the Office of Fair Trading.