Security personnel within Queensland airports

Security personnel within Queensland airports

Security Buzz October 2019

Security personnel within Queensland airports

A number of Queensland airports are classified by the federal government as ‘security controlled airports’ under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 (ATSA). Security personnel within Queensland airports

The Act requires the operators of these airports to have ATSA-licensed airport security personnel present to:

  • patrol airport grounds
  • conduct on-board security
  • screen people, vehicles or goods for prohibited items and weapons either when entering a secure zone or boarding an aircraft
  • physically restrain and remove people from airports
  • undertake general security related functions within public terminals.

There are two primary categories of ATSA-licensed airport security personnel that perform these duties:

  • airport screening officers who are employed to work in a specially designated area to carry out such duties as operating luggage and body scanning equipmen
  • airport security guards who conduct a range of other security functions.

Under ATSA, airport security guards must also be licensed as security guards in the state or territory in which the airport is located. This means airport security guards wanting to operate in Queensland must be licensed under the Queensland Government’s Security Providers Act 1993 (SPA).

We appreciate that the infrequency of flights and limited work in some small, regional airports may have led to a practice of airport screening officers performing some extra duties that would usually be completed by an airport security guard. If this is the case, the screening officer must obtain a SPA licence.

Until they do, they must not carry out the functions of a security guard or advertise that they can do so.

For more information, visit our website, download our ‘Security personnel within Queensland airports’ guidance sheet, or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police Service law enforcement officers and Australian Defence and Customs personnel are covered separately.

Taken from Security Buzz October 2019 by the Office of Fair Trading.

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