Security Refresher Training Post-COVID

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Security Refresher Training Post-COVID

Back in March, 2020 when the country was under the grips of the coronavirus, the Office of Fair Trading issued a statement regards to security refresher training for licensed security officers.

You can view the original statement here.

This mean that anyone whose refresher training fell between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 had a grace period of 12 months. So if your refresher requirements fell on 30th of April 2020, that would mean that you had until 30th of April 2021 to submit your training certificates.

As at 30th of September, 2020 the grace period regarding security refresher training is no longer active and therefore anybody up for renewal from this date forward will need to meet their requirements within the year they fall.

In reality, this was not a waiver of training requirements but an extension meaning that you still had to complete the training at some point and therefore the same requirements still apply regardless of whether you fell into the grave period or not.

There is still some confusion surrounding the security refresher training requirements for Guards in QLD. The first point of call for your individual circumstances should always be the Office of Fair Trading whom you should call on 13 74 68.

When determining what your individual requirements are you also need to be looking at the refresher notices sent by the Office of Fair Trading. If you have a refresher notice that was sent before January 1, 2020, it will refer to the old refresher training requirements which were current during 2019. Since the changes have come into effect in 2020, what is required as written on your renewal notice will have changed.

Students who complete security training with Asset College are advised to submit for their security licence within 1 year of completing their training. This is to ensure that any changes made to industry licensing or to training packages does not affect their ability to gain a licence.

If you did previously hold a Security Licence but you let it lapse, meaning that you did not complete the required training and pay your fees within the time period then you definitely need to check in with the Office of Fair Trading before contacting us.

If you completed your training quite a number of years ago then your certificates may no longer be valid and therefore to gain your Security Licence back you may have to re-complete CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations again in full.

Training packages within the vocational education and training industry change and a number of units within old qualifications may not be superseded and equivalent to ones in new training packages which will leave you short.

It is also important to remember that security refresher training requirements used to be completion of HLTAID003 Provide First Aid and the 2 x crowd control refresher units. You could complete this with ASSET over 2 days face to face. This is no longer the case.

The new requirements are HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid and the 2 x crowd control refresher units which extends your training commitment to 3 full days face to face. This is a requirement for all guards renewing their licences.

All requirements are basically back to normal now so make sure you are checking to make sure you are up-to-date because large fines can be imposed upon you, your employer and the venue if you are working with an expired licence.

Want to chat to us about what you need? Find out from the Office of Fair Trading first and then we can walk you through what you need to book for. We run our training in Townsville, North Lakes, Spring Hill, Logan and Gold Coast.

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