How To Select The Right Security Training Provider

selecting the right security training provider

How To Select The Right Security Training Provider

So, you want to embark on an exciting career in the security industry? That’s great! The security industry is rapidly growing as the sector expands to meet the needs of our changing society.  

There are opportunities across a broad range of security functions from crowd control to mobile patrol to cash-in-transit and airport security.  

But to get started you’ll need to complete the Certificate II in Security Operations and to do that you need to choose a security training provider that is right for you.  

Here is everything you need to know about selecting a security training provider.  

Look for a training provider that understand your needs  

Firstly, you’ll want to find a training provider that understands your needs. What are your goals for completing this training, where do you want to work in the industry and how can this course help you get there?  

Look for a training provider that specialises in security training. An RTO that has a speciality will focus on providing the best training and maintaining strong industry connections.  

Look for an RTO that has up-to-date training  

As changes in the security industry and the rules and regulations happen, training organisations need to update their courses and work on training solutions that fill the gaps in security qualifications.  

Find an RTO that has accredited up-to-date courses that will meet all the requirements for the unarmed security guard licence.  

Research them  

Do your research before settling on your training provider. Check out their website, look them up online and check their Facebook. Look into their social media and the community of ex-students.  

Check out their course, what are the modules, do they cover everything required for your unarmed security guard licence? How is the training delivered, where can you go to do your training?  

Check out their credentials – how long have they been in business? Have they been recognised in the industry? Have they won any awards?  

Knowing the reputation and the industry response to the RTO will help you select the right one.  

Find out what other training they offer  

What other security courses and other courses does this training organisation offer? Check out their full suite of training courses. Do they offer more specialised security training to further your career when you’re ready?  

There are so many qualifications that you can look into doing once you have your unarmed security guard licence. Aviation security, cash-in-transit, armed security, body guarding and security and risk management are all fields that will require further study. Look for a training organisation that can support you as you progress in your security career.  

Check their pricing  

How much do they charge? You don’t want to find a course that costs too little and is too accelerated, but you also don’t want one that is too expensive and goes for too long. Compare different RTOs for prices and course delivery. Investigate their payment plans and funding options.  

Vet the Trainers  

Look into the trainers that work with the RTO, find out what their qualifications are, what experience they have in the industry and what their training style is.  

Read up on the trainers and their career in the industry, were they managers, did they specialise in a particular area of security, how long have they been in the industry, how long have they been training the security courses?  

Check the reviews  

Look through the reviews for the training organisation, how many do they have? What are the students saying? What are the company’s strong points ie; good trainers, comprehensive course, assistance with employment etc.  

Look for providers with employment support  

With training organisations there are more opportunities for employment in the industry you study. Look for a training provider who will support your transition into employment. Find one that has connections in the industry and offers help with your job search.  

At ASSET we have our employer connections program. This program is open to all our graduates and it provides support and help with:

  • Writing your resume and cover letter for the security industry  
  • Interview tips  
  • Referrals to security companies and networking events with security employers.  

Study with us!  

If you’re looking for a training provider that ticks all your boxes, look no further than Asset College. We specialise in security training, and we deliver courses all over the country. Asset College is an award-winning RTO that has been around since 2006. We offer quality security training at all different levels and in a variety of specialisations to help you level up your career.  

Our trainers are experts in their field. Many of them have decades experience in the security industry, across high levels of management. They bring their experience and passion to the classroom.  

We offer a comprehensive suite of security courses to suit any level or specialisation. 

Certificate II in Security Operations  

Certificate III in Security Operations  

Certificate III in Close Protection Operations (Body guarding)  

Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (Aviation Security)  

Certificate III in Investigative Services  

Certificate IV in Security Management  

Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis  

Diploma of Security Risk Management  

Cash-in-transit skillset  

Batons and Handcuffs skillset  

Firearms and Defensive Tactics  

Control room skillset  

As well as government security and cyber security courses.  

Learn more 

If you want to learn more about getting into the security industry and how ASSET can help you get there, book in for one of our free security information sessions. We run these sessions every week, and we cover everything you might what to know about the security industry, from what kind of jobs you can do, to how much you can earn. We go through everything. 

Sign up for one of our free information sessions now or get in touch with us to talk through your course options with one of our course advisors.  

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