Six Skills You’ll Need to Excel as a Marketing Officer

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Six Skills You’ll Need to Excel as a Marketing Officer

Marketing Officers have a lot of different tasks to complete in their role. Marketing officers are involved in the advertising campaigns you see on tv and social media, in the promotional articles you read about products and in the packaging that affects your decision to buy products.

Their jobs can be so different depending on the field they work in and the roles they complete, but one thing is for sure, you’ve seen the work of marketing officers and it has inspired you to buy something in the course of your week.

Let’s take a look at what a marketing officer does, how much they make, where they work and what kind of skills you’ll need to excel as a marketing officer.

What is a Marketing Officer?

A marketing officer is a lower-level marketing professional who often works under a team of other marketers, taking direction from marketing managers, brand managers, copywriters and graphic designers.

What do Marketing Officers do?

The kind of work a marketing officer completes in their role can change depending on which industry they work in and what kind of role they complete. A marketing officer could be assigned market research, social media content creation and copywriting, google campaigns, branding and reporting.

Where do Marketing Officers work?

Marketing officers actually work in every different industry. All industries require marketing in one form or another. For this reason, this job can take you into any industry that you might want to go into, sports, education, fashion, food or anything that is of special interest for you.

This versatile field can provide you with the opportunity to work with your passions, making it a highly desirable area to work in.

How much do Marketing Officers make?

According to Seek, marketing officers can make anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 per year. Depending on the position and the industry and company they work with.

How do you get a job as a Marketing Officer?

Marketing officers have usually completed some type of study, and to get started into this field, the first course you want to look at would be the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication. This course is available completely online, which means you can start anytime and fit study in around your other commitments. In the course you’ll learn how to:

  • Make presentations
  • Articulate, present and debate ideas
  • Undertake marketing activities
  • Analyse consumer behaviour
  • Develop and apply knowledge of communications industry
  • Write complex documents
  • Assess marketing opportunities
  • Apply business risk management processes
  • Implement customer service strategies
  • Develop personal work priorities
  • Build and maintain business relationships
  • Promote products and services

If you would like to learn more about this course, you can check it out here.

What kind of skills do you need as a Marketing Officer?

There are so many skills that will help you succeed in marketing. Let’s a take a look at six skills below that can help you excel as a marketing officer.

Verbal and written communication skills

To succeed as a marketing officer, you’ll have to possess excellent verbal and written communication. In marketing, communication is a key part of the role. It’s your job to communicate to the public on behalf of a brand and to communicate and collaborate with the other staff and stakeholders to plan marketing activities.

There’s a lot of writing in marketing, both in reports and internal communication and in public communication like press releases, blogs, advertising campaigns and social media posts. So written and verbal communication skills are essential to doing well in marketing.

Time Management

In marketing you don’t just work on one project at a time. You often have multiple projects happening, while preparing reports, planning future campaigns and completing market research. To succeed in marketing, you’ll need to be able to prioritise your time efficiently to keep on top of everything.

Organisation Skills

With multiple campaigns happening at once and various market research activities, reporting structures and ongoing scheduling to manage. That’s why it’s very important to have excellent organisational skills to manage all these competing priorities and have records of everything in order to complete the reports for each project.

Creative Problem-Solving Skills

This is an industry where a lot of curve balls can be thrown your way and you’ll need to be able to use creative problem-solving skills to deal with the issues. From a change of campaign plans to a rebrand, it can get challenging in marketing so the ability to think outside the box comes in handy.


Marketing is never a one-man show, even if you work with a small business that only has one marketing staff member. Marketing requires a lot of communication and collaboration with other departments, stakeholders and outside contractors to get the job done. So it’s very important to thrive in a team environment and be able to collaborate with others.

Trend and Tone Aware

These days, being trend and tone aware is incredibly important in marketing, especially for advertisements and social media.  Jumping on trends early helps brands to stay relatable to their client base and increases their reach for the activity. Then forecasting and trend application are paramount to a marketing officers job.

Tone is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Of course tone of voice for a brand was always important but with the changing sociopolitical landscape tone needs to be on pointe, every single time. A poorly thought-out, tone-deaf social media post or ad campaign can leave brand cancelled by their core demographic.

Final Thoughts

Working as a marketing officer is a fantastic career move for savvy creative types with an interest in market research and a clear understanding of tone and trends. If you want to know more about getting into this exciting field, check out the course here or you can get in touch with us, we’ll help you find the right course for you!

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