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About This Training Partner

Asset College has partnered with SkillSec Group Pty Ltd, combining the best in security services with nationally recognised training in NSW. 

Asset College specialises in security. That’s why we have teamed up with SkillSec Group Pty Ltd (trading as SkillSec Security) who are leading security providers in NSW to deliver a number of key qualifications to the sector.

SkillSec Group Pty Ltd provide static guarding, mobile patrols, crowd control and risk management and consulting to businesses and at large scale events across NSW.

Due to their experience in this area, they have expanded into training services (trading as SkillSec College) for courses including first aid and security management, under this partnership with Asset College.

Qualifications Delivered

About This Partnership

Asset College has partnered with SkillSec Group Pty Ltd to extend our training services across the QLD border into NSW. SkillSec Group Pty Ltd will be able to deliver our quality First Aid and CPR courses to NSW residents on behalf of Asset College.

In addition, SkillSec Group Pty Ltd are also experienced security providers. Therefore, they will be able to offer security management qualifications on behalf of Asset College so students have direct access to current industry professionals throughout their training.

“The strengths of being a partner with Asset College include the backing of not only an established, well-known, and reputable RTO; but knowing that you also have the full autonomy to train and assess your students in line with robust assessment systems, backed by a dedicated support network at Asset College.”

Roland Szenasi, Group Director and CEO


SkillSec Group Pty Ltd offers training and assessment in online qualifications across Australia.

SkillSec Group Pty Ltd also deliver face to face training at the following locations:

  • Redfern, NSW
  • Kogarah, NSW


Suite 998, 219-241 Cleveland Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

[email protected]

[email protected]

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